Letting go of the Story of Pain

Quotes from Making Love God: The Path to Divine Sex by Tina Louise Spalding

“Letting Go of the Story- There is indeed a whole world of experience that is lost when the damages done to the sexual self are left to rule the experience. Indeed, the most beautiful and expressive areas of the human mind and emotion are lost to most people who have been hurt by the bonds of their past and their refusal to enter into the present moment and forgive the events that took place so long ago.”

“It is in the letting go of the story that true freedom will arise and express itself, beautiful in the life you wish to live — a life full of bliss, sexual fulfillment, community, and joy.”

“You are the full motion of love only when you forgive the past, forgive the people who hurt you, and allow the love that is all of you to flow outward and inward and all around you.”

Letting go of the story of pain