Energy is Free Yet British Gas and the Like are Killing Humans by Freezing them to death.

Eat or Freeze?

Death by Freezing?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

Why are Avro Energy, British Gas, Bulb Energy, Co-Operative Energy, E.ON, EDF Energy, npower, Octopus Energy, Ovo Energy, Scottish Power, Shell Energy, Utility Warehouse, and Utility Energy being allowed to routinely kill human beings by freezing them to death this winter?

Human beings in the UK and worldwide have to choose between missing meals, volunteering for theft by the companies above or dying by freezing.

Those companies do not have the right to kill people who cannot or will not pay them for energy. Energy is free. The energy on Planet Earth belongs to human beings. It doesn’t belong to these murderous, thieving, profit-scamming energy companies now resorting to killing humans who cannot pay for what is inherently theirs for free.

These energy companies do not own the energy of Planet Earth. The Energy on Planet Earth belongs to every human being equally. These companies do not make or fabricate energy; they can not charge you. Energy is freely given by Mother Earth. These ruthless deceivers are killing small children and vulnerable elderly human beings who believe they have to pay to keep warm, can’t pay, so they freeze to death. 

These companies do not have the right to make you or me pay for energy or kill you if they fail to strip you of your money because you don’t have it. The owners/administrators of these “killers by freezing” companies must be brought to justice and jailed for the fraudulent activity of millennia and murder.

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

Did you Know that Energy is Free?

The only reason energy is not free is that you are paying for it. Stop paying even if you believe you can afford to volunteer to theft because your unnecessary compliance is being put as a pretext to kill other human beings by freezing.

The owners of Avro Energy, British Gas, Bulb Energy, Co-Operative Energy, E.ON, EDF Energy, npower, Octopus Energy, Ovo Energy, Scottish Power, Shell Energy, Utility Warehouse, and Utility Energy have known that energy is free and easily wirelessly tangible and freely accessible across our Planet atmosphere for over a hundred years. You will find that it is all owned by the same families via investment funds, organisations and secret societies. 

If you research the small group of individuals who own everything in this world, you will also learn that your gas/electricity/water money goes to the same families’ private bank accounts. You will also find that they don’t use the money they are stealing from you for anything good. 

Some Patents show the invention’s processes and mechanisms by which energy can be harnessed from the Earth’s atmosphere/stratosphere/ether freely and wirelessly to power the entire world. Look it up, please, if you are interested.

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

Why isn’t the World Illuminated with Wireless Free Energy Over 100 Years After Nikola Tesla Discovered How to Harness Free Wireless Energy?

What Happened to Nikola Tesla’s Discoveries?

In places like Africa, only 50% of the population has electricity. Why so if Nikola Tesla had the solution to this problem solved over 100 years ago? The reason is that the human slavers currently ruling over you do not want any problems solved for humanity. Instead, they want to suck you dry of everything that it is you. Until the last drop of everything that you are is gone. Until there’s nothing left.

Do You know the owners of these thieving companies Avro Energy, British Gas, Bulb Energy, Co-Operative Energy, E.ON, EDF Energy, npower, Octopus Energy, Ovo Energy, Scottish Power, Shell Energy, Utility Warehouse, and Utility Energy? These families, “elite” groups, investment trusts such as BlackRock, the people who play to be your owners, humanity slavers such as the Morgans, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and the like. Do you know what they did when Tesla demonstrated that he could harness free wireless energy for the entire world? 

They destroyed the evidence that proves energy is Free. They discredited the greatest scientist ever to walk this planet. They substituted real science for pseudo-science and halted humanity’s progress and evolution. They chose to keep us in the dark age unnecessarily and without our consent.

Why would they do that? So they can keep you inadvertently living the life of the slave you so nicely have turned out to be for them. They keep your God essence enslaved! It gives them a high, plus all the money they get from their activities.

Do you Have a Slave Mentality?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

If so, you need to relinquish your slave mentality. Planet Earth is our home to live happily and freely. The only reason you are not free is the slave mentality that has been installed in you by force and deception throughout centuries, generation after generation.

You give all your effort, energy, early mornings, long hours, hard work, the fruits of your labour and the energy that sustains you; you give it all away, all of you. You give to a small number of insane globalists, technocrats, and slavers posing as rulers who disgustingly refer to themselves as the “elite” and who refer to you and me as “worthless eaters”.

Humanity has no elite class; we are all 100% equal.

In Davos, those arrogant puppets of the World Economic Forum do not have the right to have more money than you. Did you know that? They have more money than you because they have ruthlessly, gradually, progressively and systematically stolen all of humanity’s wealth to make us and keep us slaves. Nothing more, nothing less. 

No wonder they are so arrogant. Our compliance has gotten to their heads. I was compliant with everything in every way until two years ago when I opened my eyes and looked. 

These delusional power-hungry slavers do not have any right to make decisions for my life, and they will not. How about your life?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

No group of thieves has the right to force you to pay them so that you can be allowed to live on Planet Earth. In other words, they do not have the right to kill you if you don’t pay to be on this planet which is your rightful home. Yet people this week are being killed by freezing for not paying their slavery fees.

Why do you Pay?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

When these tricksters start forcing you to pay for the air you breathe will you also be eternally happy to comply. It seems yes! Since you are so happy to pay for energy which is free and water which is free.

Stop paying. You don’t have to, and you have access to free energy. I’ll let you know how in this article.

It is your slave mentality that keeps you afraid and compliant. Otherwise, why would you think that you owe your existence on this planet to thieving companies like British Gas and that they have the right to kill you if you don’t pay increasing amounts of money for the energy they don’t make or create or own, the energy that belongs to you and it is your right to access because you were born here on this planet. It’s ridiculous to be born into a place without everything you need to live there. 

It is not true that you don’t have everything you need for survival on this planet and for free. What’s happened is that the awareness of all you have has been removed and substituted by a false image that you have been made to believe is the truth. 

The image shows a world in which you have to pay or die. However, what’s going on behind that false image is very different. 

Let’s relinquish the slavery mentality and begin to think logically so that we can see the Real picture. 

You have the right to all the energy, all the water and all the food this planet offers for free! Plant any seed and see for yourself that this is true.

All the things that Mother Earth freely gives belong to you, especially all necessary for your existence on this planet.

Abused Trust?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

The manipulators have abused your trust. They were put in place “elected” to administer our wealth and not to steal our wealth and make us pay for what is free with our sweat, blood and tears.

You don’t have to pay for your existence on your planet. Get that straight. That is the Truth. Unless you pay God or Mother Earth for being here, whoever makes you pay is a first-class scammer. Please, get that, for your sake and your family’s sake.

Some might frown at me for writing that because of their slave mentality: they firmly believe they have to pay to be here on Earth, and they believe they owe their existence to whomever they are paying to exist. 

Everything Mother Earth gives us is ours for Human Being’s to live freely, not enslaved.

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

Are you counting on Mother Earth? Do you believe in the Universe?

The reason the deceivers talk about Mother Earth as a feeble, unreliable and dying place, climate hoax 101-none of it true- is so that you lose all sense of security and stability thinking that the planet you are standing on can’t sustain you so that you look to the fake and filthy self-proclaimed rulers to save you. 

 So you can pay them more money, keep you even poorer, and degrade your quality of life to zero (to the point of freezing in your home) so that they can do whatever they want to do with you, your life and your family.

All this goes against natural Universal Laws, against humanity. All they are doing goes against the Law of God and against the Law of the Land; this group of monster mobsters are in deep shit unless they can prove you are voluntarily going along with your destruction by their hand.

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

Did you know you’ve been duped?

Villain Gates and his criminal crew have been poising our soil and crops with harmful poisonous pesticides for decades.

Villain Gates has been, for years, developing harmful v.a.xi.ens causing pain, disease, epidemics and death. Also, on his menu, we find all sorts of abominations in the form of GMOs (foods). Insects and bugs, disgusting lab-grown (meat) grown by some person – you can be sure not a nutritionist- in a lab for you set on your holy dinner table and give it to your children to eat.

Additionally, Villian Gates is buying all the farmland he can get and incentivising governments to pay farmers off to destroy crops and cattle. 

Why do this?

Because the food we need to exist is freely given by Mother Earth, no one has the right to stop us or prevent us from producing it or paying for its production when we purchase it. Villain Gates prefers that the Mother Earth option no longer be an option for us by removing it or keeping it out of sight. And in that way, we will depend on his abominations for food in the place of our planet’s wholesome, nutritious, natural products. 

Did you know that Planet Earth is your Home?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

All the disgusting stuff they want you to eat is the property of Villain Gates. All the wholesome natural food and nutrition will be gone, out of sight, or regarded as “bad” if you believe it, and so far, you believe everything they say. You live in the world they want to think you exist in with a very compliant slave mentality. 

For example, most of us have been duped and grown up believing that such foods as meat, fat and chocolate are bad for us. Haven’t we? 

In the tyrant’s view, in an ideal scenario, your food belongs to the state and not Mother Earth; then the state has the right to force you to pay or kill you by starvation if you don’t pay for the bugs that you have to eat because there’s nothing else. Besides, those abominable “food” substitutes are designed to kill you all the same. 

Do you get it now? Do you understand how none of this has anything to do with climate change but with control, surveillance and enslavement?

When will you turn your back on these fake wannabes?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

Start doing your own thing with your money, and stop paying for your destruction. 

You have a slave mentality if you believe you have to pay someone taxes, pay a portion of your income, and you must give regular portions of the fruits of your hard effort and labour to the wannabe delusional slave masters whose sole purpose is to kill you.

All you pay in tax, fines, bank fees, licenses (Tv-Driving, etc.), loan interest rates, and mortgages (triple the cost of the property you get) goes to the one family of humanity slavers: The Rothschilds. 

You don’t want to know from which “budget” the government subtracts small sums -in comparison with the trillions they make- for infrastructure and services in our society. The money they operate with to build roads and pay civil servants.

Oh! But you do! Look it up.

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

You believe you have to pay these small group of deceivers for your energy and out of your energy.

You don’t believe you can choose whether to give the money or not; you think you must give them the money you earn and give them as much as they force you to give to them by the laws they create, which state you must pay them money.

That’s not the law; that’s slavery, my darling. 

What is the Law?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

The money they forcibly take from you is not to help others. Get that straight. It has never been to help others. Stop taking that as an excuse for your cowardice or as consolation for your fear. You can stop lying to yourself. Tax money has never been used to help other human beings. Yet, it has continually perpetuated our enslavement, death, and much worse through war and many other anti-life government projects. Please look it up.

Yet, you believe they have the right to force their hand into your pocket if you believe that it is because, deep down, you believe you are a slave.

You have a slave mentality if you believe some elite dude’s organisation has the right to give you permission or not to travel freely across Plane Earth. The Planet of the Humans. We belong here; we belong with Mother Earth. This is your home, the whole of it. Mother Earth is the reflection of our God-given creativity.

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

Did you Consent?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

You did not consent to frontiers and borders on Planet Earth, put there by who knows who, but you believe you are obligated to respect them because of what another man or woman, an equal to you, says you must do. Are you their slave? You obey them by giving them your free will and letting them choose for you above your own well-being and desires. You bow to them first and foremost before looking after yourself and/or your family, who is humanity, who is the One. 

That’s been a slave, my darling.

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

You have a slave mentality if you believe you have to pay for the water that is freely given by Mother Earth and indispensable for your existence.

Why would you have to pay for something indispensable for existence? Why would you choose to exist in a place where you have to pay for your existence. You can choose whatever you want. Why would you choose that? 

You didn’t! You didn’t choose to be a slave. Others chose for you, and you allowed them. Like with the borders, passports, and restrictions to travel freely across your home. Are you happy with the choices made for you? 

We are here to eradicate this insanity and restore planet Earth and human life to our naturally free state of being. Fresh, pure, clean, spring, rich, healing, natural water flowing everywhere whenever we need it is our natural state. There’s pure, clean, mineral water every foot across Planet Earth and at a reachable distance. 

You didn’t know? I didn’t, either. I thought I had to pay three grants a year for the fluoride-poisoned recycled toilet water, packed chemicals and microscopic pieces of loo paper that come out of my tap – for my survival. 

I do not drink tap water and no longer use it for cooking or washing edibles.

What do you Believe?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing
Because you are that powerful: You can live in a world were you can be whatever you believe you are. It is the world you create.

You have a slave mentality if you believe that some guy on TV with the title of Prime Minister has the right to order you to cover your face and order you to stop breathing a bit. You have a massive slave mentality when you also go and do it: You voluntarily cover your mouth and nose with a cloth or paper for two years and counting.

Mask warning is the current symbol of the Enslavement of Humankind. When you wear a mask, you reinforce your “voluntary” condition as a slave. Masks are proven to do nothing but harm your health. But you knew that. A five-year-old will tell you, “if water goes through, a virus goes through”.

The fact that you can’t breathe naturally with that on tells you clearly that it harms your health. But if you care for evidence, research and studies on how harmful mask-wearing is, look it up. 

By the way, Humankind is the Son of God, not just Jesus is the Son of God. All of us are the Son of God. We are One. Jesus came to show us what the Son of God has the power and the right to do! To show us who we are and how to free ourselves from the enslavement the tyrannical forces imposed.

Jesus didn’t come to die for our sins (twisted lies). Jesus came, amongst other amazing things, to show us that we can conquer death. A topic for another day.

Guess what?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

The same powers that take all our money today were taking all the money of our ancestors 2000 years ago. Jesus spoke up against this and taught the people how to escape tyranny; that is why he was killed. They destroyed all evidence of Jesus’ real teachings. In its place, they put Christianity, like all religions, the perfect tool for deceit, oppression, manipulation, the enslavement of the mind, and the disempowerment of the spirit. Causing great pain, death and darkness.

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

It might seem that Jesus didn’t succeed, but he did; he planted the seed that is blossoming now. We can all agree on that. 

They used Jesus’ influence for further enslavement through fear and deceit by corrupting and manipulating his teachings.

What kind of a loving Father sends his Son to be killed for a bunch of sinners!? We fell for that, I included. Yes! It’s as ridiculous as it sounds; ask any loving father you know.

Ladies and Gentlemen, specially those of you who are screaming… Blasphemy! I’m very sorry, not, it’s time to open our eyes and look. And with that I tell you something, no one is more crazy and zealous about Jesus Christ than me. He is the love of my life. I’m ever so happy and grateful to know the Truth about him.

I’m studying A Course in Miracles.

We are not “sinners”; we are the Son of God. God sent Jesus -a Human, a Son of God like you and me who reached enlightenment, who was fully awakened – to show and teach us the way of Love and our Power.

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

Jesus’s teachings were suppressed and replaced by whatever the Satanic Pope wants you to believe to keep you enslaved. And by the way, God is not some male dude sitting on a cloud watching us vengefully.

God, Prime Creator, is Energy, the Source of Creation, Love. Love is the fabric of All there is. All that is real. You and I are unique, yet we are the whole and the individualised manifestation of Source, Love, and God.

Yes, that’s right, that’s why we are referred to across the Universe as the Son of God. Yes! The slavers created and used religion to hide the very fact that You Are the Son of God from you. To enslave your mind through deceit and fear.

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

They couldn’t enslave you by force because it is not allowed; Free Will is a real cosmic Law in the Universe not to be messed with; they do not have the power to enslave you unless you volunteer. That’s why they needed to install a slave mentality in you, and they succeeded. That mentality now has you choosing between eating meals, staying warm or being frozen dead.

Don’t feel bad about having a slave mentality, please.

You are not to blame…

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

You have been programmed and conditioned over many generations to adopt this slave mentality, and your psyche has been toyed with in brutal ways. The methods employed to make the Son of God believe she/he is a slave are aggressive, all-pervasive, meticulously designed and highly detrimental.

The brainwashing employed to convince you that you have to pay for your existence is highly destructive and effective- that goes for everything the slavers label “safe and effective.” 

Their brainwashing is Effectively Destructive to the Mind; however, their methods look friendly and harmless. They look as if they are for your benefit and to help you: TV, Media, Education, Church, Health Care Service (death care service), government administration, and Legal System, indoctrination and deceit are aggressively infiltrated in all aspects of our society.

On this cold winter, many humans are freezing, yet they are also depressed for not having enough money and embarrassed for having to choose between eating or freezing; some feel they are failing their families and others are alone, freezing in silence. 

They think it’s their fault. They think they should have more money, work more, earn more, eat less, buy less and give a bunch of disgusting criminals such as British Gas £70 – £200 per week.

It is illegal for Avro Energy, British Gas, Bulb Energy, Co-Operative Energy, E.ON, EDF Energy, npower, Octopus Energy, Ovo Energy, Scottish Power, Shell Energy, Utility Warehouse, and Utility Energy to force you to pay as energy and water are legally free. Look it up. By law, even by their fraudulent legalese system, you do not have to pay.

It Is up to you what you do with your life; you have free Will and nothing, and no one can override it unless you volunteer it. You have been programmed to do this: you monthly volunteer to theft. 

Because let me be clear: without your say-so, consent, or permission, the slavers would have been sent packing long ago. They have successfully deceived you into compliance, and they are getting cocky.

That’s all they’ve got on you: your compliance; they have little power but what you give them. When you realise and accept the Truth, stop giving them power, and stop complying with their gross insanity, these criminals will be gone! Vanished! Puff!

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

As if they never existed. Try it.

Stop paying taxes.

Stop paying for energy.

Stop paying for water.

Stop paying for any licenses

Stop paying for insurance

Stop paying any fines

Stop paying anything towards their corrupt legalise system- court orders etc.

Stop giving them your data and filling in their forms.

Stop Onboarding yourself onto a yet stricter form of slavery designed by this elite dude criminal organisations across the world posing as effing government!

Stop taking the death shot.

Stop! It’s all a scam, don’t you realise?

Stop! You are not a slave!

All that money they are forcing you to pay left, right, and centre is yours, not theirs. And don’t be afraid to take your rightful place as a Human Being. You are a Human Being, A Son/Daughter of the Creator.



What can We do?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

This is what I’ve done, and I’m doing. As soon as I knew the Truth, I stopped acting like a slave and paying taxes and all those scams. I’m not afraid because I know I am right! But, in the beginning, I was somehow waiting to see what would happen.

What happened? 

Nothing. Nothing happened. I’ve just got all my money at my disposal, giving it to whatever causes I choose. All my work and effort are to help me and all those I choose to help. Not for the government to choose who they will force me to help. No thanks! I don’t have to do anything they say. They don’t own me and don’t have a better insight into right & wrong than I do.

The other thing that happened due to my utter refusal to continue bowing to the criminal organisations posing as ruling entities was a lot of paper through my letter box. Sheets of paper full of threatening words, dozens more ridiculous each time: Threats! Lies! Deceit! Coercion! Followed by more Threats! Lies! Deceit and coercion. There you have it, the complete structure of their business model: Threats! Lies! Deceit! Coercion! That’s how they make their money and always have done. Haven’t you noticed yet? It has worked very well for them. They will not quit while you volunteer to bend over to their system. It’s business!

This letter is what their business model looks like: A piece of unsigned worthless paper. It is unsigned because no one is going to stamp their name on fraudulent scams. Threats! Lies! Deceit and coercion. There you have it, the complete structure of their business model: Threats! Lies! Deceit! Coercion! That’s how they make their money. If you get this crap letter and if you believe it. They make a lot of money the bastards!

See the letter? Telling me that they are going to get authority to force entry my property! With locksmith and police these people are criminals!Oh…. I’m so scared not! Delusional effers! No one has authority over me or anything that is mine! No one. I do not consent to anyone playing my ruler or master. I am not a slave.

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

Their business model is solely based on Threats! Lies! Deceit! Coercion! It is outright laughable from where I’m looking. 

That’s what their whole extortion for the enslavement of you and me “legal-fraud” system set up to steal everything from you is based on, Threats! Lies! Deceit! Coercion! Followed by more Threats! Lies! Deceit and more coercion. 

They are pathetic. I’ll post all their junk mail one day. Have a good laugh with me. That’s what you will get when you stop paying, and that’s about all. They’ve got nothing on you. They can do nothing but deceive you into paying with threats hoping you continue to fall for it.

Did you know that everything “legal” is massive gross fraud against humanity?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

By the way, everything “legal” is FRAUD. They created a whole language to defraud us, and that’s all that “legal” is a deceitful language: Legalese.

Please, look it up.

What you want is Lawful, not legal, and you are Lawfully Free by the Law of the Land, Planet Earth, and the Law of God the Creator. By the Law of the Universe, All there’s, you are Free.

Don’t be afraid. Fear is their favourite tool for deception, manipulation and enslavement. Since when is it normal to pay or die by freezing? Why is this being put up with?

If you are interested, I’ll let you know the solution regarding the water and energy bills they address to your “legal” name. Your “legal” name or straw man or woman is a fictitious corporation set up in your name by the late queen when your parents registered your birth.

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

They can only do “business” with corporations. Their business is: they force you to pay, and you agree because you believe it is the law

It’s legalese (fraud, scam); it doesn’t apply to living, breathing human beings. It applies to corporations, and it’s based on mutual agreement in this case, ‘your uniformed consent obtained deceitfully, which makes illegal even by their own fraudulent terms. Their laws also apply to people who are dead at sea.

When your parents registered you at birth, they inadvertently, without their knowledge, declared you dead at sea and gave you away as the property of the ruling monarch. As such, the ruling monarch has the right to create a co-corporation in your name.

With this, the monarch will do two things. First, they use you as a commodity to cash in debt. Your birth certificate is used to cash in several million in debt as soon as it is produced. Second, your legal fiction is used to suck you dry of every penny you will ever earn in your lifetime.

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

Are you a Corporation?

They cannot force living, breathing human beings into any law. That’s why they created the legalese system and legal fiction, a straw man or woman for every baby born on Planet Earth.

By conning you into believing that the person (person = corporation in legalese terms) addressed on the bills is you, they’ve got you from birth, prepare to pay whatever the owner of your “legal fiction” wants you to pay. But that’s just a part of the scam. Look it up.

An important point here is that energy is free, all the same with legalese or without.

What to do.

About energy, if you are in a contract for gas and electricity, don’t pay these companies another single cent ever again. Period. You are already paying for the energy and water grids every time you spend money on any goods you purchase.

They will not cut off your supply; that would be both illegal and unlawful. Like it is illegal to keep forcing you to pay for energy. But it’s not unlawful if you keep happily paying. 

If you are on pay-as-you-go meters for gas and electricity, simply buy your own new gas/electric meter and hire a gas engineer to replace your pay-as-you-go money-thieving meter. 

That’s the last you will ever pay. Done!

Did you know Tap Water is Poisoned?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

About water, don’t even get me started! Do not pay another cent to shameless, shameful Thames Water and the like. 

Even when we have clean, pure, fresh, beautiful spring water coming out of our tap, which we shall have, this water is free. Freely given by Mother Earth to all her children, humanity.

About taxes. Simply say no: You Do Not Consent to the “laws” they have created, which say you give them your money so they are richer and you poorer. No. You are a living, breathing human being, and you are not bound by the laws of evil men or any men.

Do not harm. That’s the Law. That’s the only Law.

How would you like to live Your Life?

Energy is Free Yet people are dying by Freezing

If you don’t want to be bound to their laws, do not consent. They are so arrogant that to them, silence means consent. To them, if you don’t say anything, you are a happy, compliant volunteer slave who agrees with all the choices they make for you, even if that is killing you.

We are transitioning into a life based on Freedom, and there’s no looking back. 

You have free Will; no one has the right to rule over you in any way. Never. 

I can tell you one thing for sure: Nobody on this Planet has any authority over me. Absolutely No One! That I Know to Be a Fact.

You do not need any organisation to rule over you voluntarily, let alone by force.

No one has authority over you unless you have freely and consciously given them permission and consented in full knowledge of what you are doing. Not by deception. Not a King or Queen, not a Satanic Pope or any Pope, much less the brainless, foolish clowns on tv, aka Prime Ministers/Presidents in any country. 

It’s funny! Being brainless and foolish is the top requirement to become President/Prime Minister of a country nowadays.

You are Free. Energy is Free. 

We are One!

The Truth will Make you Free

If you are interested learning here an affidavit and a selection of videos from sources across the world to kick start your own research.

The war against Truth wages in your mind. What determines if you are on the winning side, the side of freedom, or not is what you believe.

Forced (non voluntarily) Tax is illegal – Affidavit

Tap Water is Highly Poisoned

The “Legal” system is fraud against Humanity. Is nothing but a deception, a deceitful language to steal everything from you.