Manifest your Desired Feelings and Experiences: Tune into Your 5-Dimensional Reality.

Access your 5D Reality

Learn and practice shifting in consciousness from the lower density 3-D reality into a higher reality.

The 3D Reality relies on what the senses can see, which is more related to the ego, and we tend to believe that is all there is, what we can see, touch, smell or hear and that if our senses don’t perceive it, then it doesn’t exist. However, we have yet multiple more senses beyond our current perception to develop, and there are infinite realities we are learning to access. 

The 5D dimension relates to a higher vibrational frequency composed of unconditional love, happiness, peace, freedom, and abundance.

As spiritual beings, it is natural that we learn to ascend into the 5D Reality and higher. Our bodies are simply vessels for our physical experience, and the 5D Reality is the highest dimension in the physical plane.

The main idea is to think of ourselves as spiritual beings and relate with our spiritual selves. Our spiritual selves tune into our inner selves and nurture that tuning to ascend into a 5D reality. Our spiritual side guides us onto a more enlightened, blissful, and abundant path.

Tuning in and raising our vibration to the frequency we desire is a natural ability of the Spirit. When we are born, we forget we have these abilities. However, we are designed to remember who we truly are eventually.

Our 5D Reality exists now, and we can shift to it by focusing our energy on it. 

Frequencies Resonate.

We each have a specific frequency that resonates with different frequency patterns; resonance is natural for each of us. 

Resonance: Reenforcement of sound by reflection on the synchronised vibration of a neighbouring object. For example, musical instruments and objects are set into vibrations at their natural frequencies. 

Vibrational Matching

When we input energy into musical instruments, e.g., drums or piano, this energy re-arranges the particles and forces the object into vibrational motion. 

This Physics Experiment Demonstrates how it works:

Two tuning forks, each mounted on a different soundbox near the other. 

First, both tuning forks are stationary with no audible vibration.

The first tuning fork is struck down with a rubber mallet and begins to vibrate at its natural frequency. This vibration holds the sound on the air inside the sound box to vibrate at the same frequency.

The surrounding air particles are set into the same vibrational frequency. And this causes the sound we hear. At the same time, the second fork vibrates at the same frequency even though it has not been touched. 

Both forks vibrate in unison due to energy input to only one of them. This happens because the second tuning fork’s natural frequency matches the natural frequency of the first tuning fork.

The first forces the second fork into vibration at the natural frequency; the surrounding air particles connect them. The pressure waves surrounding the first tuning fork begin to impact the second.

The energy that is vibrating and carried by the sound waves through the air is tuned to the second tuning fork; being that their frequencies match, there is a measurable result that can be perceived through the senses; the first tuning fork forces the second into a vibrational match at the same frequency. The first forces the second into vibrational motion at the same vibrational frequency. Surrounding air particles connect them. The air particles surrounding the first fork and the pressure waves it creates begin to impact the second fork.

The energy carried along by the first tuning fork easily causes the second to vibrate as they are tuned into the same vibrational frequency. This is an example of resonance. 

How do you apply this principle to tune into your 5 Dimensional Reality?

You and the vibrational frequency you embody are simply like the tuning forks. You carry a vibration that matches your thoughts and dominant feeling state.

The things you want to experience, love, happiness, freedom, and abundance, are like a tuning fork and carry a specific vibrational frequency.

When you are not receiving or manifesting the things you want to experience, it is possible that you and those things are undetectable to one another only because you aren’t carrying the same vibrational frequency. 

Do this: 

Picture yourself as the first tuning fork; now, imagine what you want to attract to your life. Let’s say love and joy. Those experiences are the second tuning fork. Both want to reach each other, but you can’t see or detect each other as if separated by a thin veil. You could reach out and touch if you were aware of each other’s presence. You can become detectable to each other. All you need is to create your love and joy tuning fork within yourself and stroke it; this, in turn, causes the second tuning fork to vibrate.

The shift to a new and higher vibrational reality happens when we shift our inner perception of who we are to match the vibrations of what we want to become.

To create the experiences we want in physical form, this new Reality can be felt through our senses, perceived by the mind and noticed by our awareness. Our physical form then translates to our vibrational state.

When someone doesn’t see or perceive something as part of their life, they assume it doesn’t exist. Imagine that everything you want is right in front of you, but you don’t see or hear it because your vibration is not matched. How do you consciously control the vibrations you offer so that you can perceive the Reality of the desired experiences? 

First and foremost: Your vibrational frequency is your state of being, and your signature frequency combines your thoughts, emotions and physiology. 

All possible frequencies that can exist do exist simultaneously right now, and all physical realities to match those frequencies also exist. When you alter your frequency or state of being, you experience a different reality. 

Try this method to make your shifting to a higher vibrational state a breeze.

Step 1 

Consider that you exist simultaneously in different awarenesses, yet you only focus on one of the possible realities. All those other awarenesses amount to all the possibilities in your existence.

Step 2 

Choose one or more of those “yous” who live a higher vibrational reality. Spend time with them in a pleasant setting. You can do this in meditation. Ask them what their daily life is like. What do they experience that you don’t? What path did they take that led them to their heightened Reality? Ask them to explain in great detail how they predominantly feel. 

Step 3 

While you are asking them these questions, try to sense the dominant vibration of this other you fully; confident, happy, in love, energetic, peaceful, trusting, and feeling blessed. What do you like the most about them? What makes them attractive to you? 

Step 4 

From the different “yous” you speak to, choose the version of you living the life you want to experience the most because of how this other you makes you feel. You probably already perceive that this “you” resonates with you. You could connect with them via your imagination because you matched their vibration at that moment. You were able to match that vibration simply by using focused thought. This is an example of the Law of Resonance. There is already a part of your vibration that perfectly matches your desire. Since you can perceive it, you are already resonating with it.

Step 5 

Ask this version of you if you may step into their shoes and experience their life for a few moments. As you do, what are your thoughts about this life? Can you feel their predominant frequency? Do you feel drawn to maintaining this feeling or frequency? 

What tips can you take from this so you can match this Reality? Give yourself a few moments to embody the frequency to remember how it feels.

Focus on how they feel and have a try at feeling just like they do. You can ask them how they feel and then soak yourself in those feelings for a while, while you are with them in meditation.

Then ask this version of you to give you a trigger so you might vibrate at their frequency any time you want.

Step 6

Carry this trigger. The trigger helps you remember exactly how the vibrational frequency feels, so you can use this trigger to set yourself at a higher vibrational state quickly.

How I manifested My Superhero Babe Body:

If you are amongst my friends and family reading this, you know there have been long periods of my life in which I have struggled with dissatisfaction about my body weight and shape. I did this exercise, and I would spend time with a me that has a super lean body. Perfectly tone. She is a Yogi. Her body is strong and flexible, with no out-of-place fat. I used to meet with her in my imagination. Admire her body and her yoga practice. Feel how light and happy her being is. And then, I would step on her shoes and have a go at the poses he was doing. 

You should see my body now. I have never in my entire life been so pleased with my body shape. I’m utterly delighted.