Religion Vs Spirituality

Religion Vs Spirituality


Religion is based on dogma, doctrine and a variety of rules, based on a specific church denomination, based on a set of religious practices, based on what the man or group of men founders of the particular religion wanted to achieve with their religion. God didn’t create any religions. Religion is man-made.

Religious people usually feel content with ticking off the boxes that make them compliant with the rules of their religion. 

Now, it is essential to note that the man you know as Jesus of Nazaret did not create or found the religion named Christianity. He didn’t come to this planet to create a religious group or lay down rules for you to follow. He came to tell us about our infinite power as Sovereign sentient beings and our freedom; we have free will. He came to reveal teachings that would set us free. The Truth about the workings and the processes of the Universe, real natural science that would have us each create the Reality we desired, even 2000 years ago. 

Jesus’ teachings were eventually forbidden under the pain of death by the founders of Christianity: the diabolical Roman Catholic Church. The men who founded this evilest institution did so, falsely, in the name of Jesus so that they could take all Jesus’ influence – which was massive because Jesus was a blessed human being and had accessed Universal Truth which highly resonated with Souls- Roman Catholic creators used this influence to their benefit, and for their nefarious purposes which raged from the impoverishment of the populace to the enslavement of the human mind, and everything evil thing in between. 


Religion Vs Spirituality

Spirituality is when a person becomes aware of their relationship with Spirit and naturally follows their own spiritual path in the way they are designed to, and our Souls have chosen. The way designed by Love. This path leads to enlightenment. This path reveals Jesus’ teachings, also taught by several other enlightened beings. A spiritual person is consciously in direct contact and fellowship with Spirit in Love, Joy and Peace as they grow in their awareness of this unbroken and unbreakable connection with Love, God, Source. Those three words name the same Benevolent Being who created us like Herself. 

Religion Vs Spirituality

Bits of Truth Woven in with lots Vicious Lies

I was a devoted “Christian” all my life; that was my faith. However, my interpretation of Christianity was to be like Jesus Christ, literally; that’s what I learnt and perceived in my heart. To me, Christianity was to follow his heart, Love, kindness, and righteousness, and learn about what he was like and become like him. 

I devotedly studied the Bible. I read it five times back to front from 18 to 25. I memorised, learnt and carried in my heart large sections of the New Testament; these sections were attached to specific studies concerning Christian beliefs such as faith, sin, repentance, baptism, hell etc., you know, the drill. All of which were, are and always will be false teachings. The Bible does not come close to anything Jesus taught. Of curse, you get small snippets of Truth and Light, but those come intensely woven in with diabolical deception. This mixture: a bit of Truth with a lot of lies, makes the perfect recipe to disempower the brain and make the person totally alien to Truth. This was crafted to “mess up” (I would be using stronger terminology if I was speaking) the human mind for its enslavement.

My unspoken Problems with the Bible

Paul lays out the majority of the Christian dogma in the 13 books attributed to him in the New Testament: Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Philemon, Galatians, Philippians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, Ephesians, Colossians, 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus. Christians are supposed to bow down to all the rules and regulations written by Paul, including all the abhorrent, false teachings against women, which deeply hurt my heart and Soul for so many years. I believed I had to submit to that, which made my guts cringe. Image the pain in that.

Religion Vs Spirituality

My unspoken Problems were found within these questions: Why Paul? He wasn’t a disciple of Jesus, and Jesus had ascended by the time Paul came to the scene.

This remained unspoken during all my Christianity years; one is not allowed to question anything in the Bible, and these thoughts were not allowed in my head.

Doubting as little as a word in the Bible made you a faithless individual that needed a lot of prayer for a change of heart. One has to believe it all, even if it doesn’t make sense, period. Now, think about this, what benevolent being would force you to believe what makes your guts cringe? 

My other problems with the Bible were as follows: Why wasn’t there a Gospel according to Jesus?

What did Jesus teach? Why wasn’t there more from Jesus directly in the Bible?

Religion Vs Spirituality

The details about Jesus’ life that were not in the Bible were not to be searched or investigated. Why? 

Who is this disgusting, ugly, vengeful god of the Old Testament? For goodness sake!? How can anyone worship anything like that? Please!

Did I have to assume that Paul’s teachings are Jesus’ teachings? And that’s it? Why?

I consciously Began my True Spiritual path at the age of 25

Religion Vs Spirituality

My spiritual path began when I was born. Yet by 25, I had learnt enough about the Christian church to understand that God wasn’t anywhere in that institution. The “church” created by men is an institution for control and enslavement of the mind.

The real church, if you need to call it “church”, is where the Spirit of God resides. God is in the Soul of the Human. Not in a set of rules dictated by some priest, pastor or apostle.

At the age of 25, the Spirit of God in me wasn’t having it anymore. No more lies.

Religion Vs Spirituality

There were two reasons why I happily turned away from the church, knowing that I was right and they were wrong. One was that the church made me uncomfortable and unhappy, the constant feeling of being judged and guilty wasn’t right, and I knew it. 

The second reason was definitive and final in realising that leaving the church was right and the church was the wrong place to be. Staying would have been detrimental to my spiritual and mental health due to my utter rejection of the following false teaching that keeps religious people in fear and compliance: The false teaching about hell.

I realised I didn’t believe in that concept about hell, which I was so firmly indoctrinated by. I don’t believe in hell as pictured by Christianity: a place where souls endure eternal punishment by burning. Come off it, Please! It’s laughable.

Hell is the life we create when we choose to walk in the opposite direction to Love, Light and Truth.

And like, so I was gone. Knowing the institution, I’d respected and feared as my guide was wrong. I was gone. No guilt, no fear, no respect. No regret. I was right to leave. I wasn’t a faithless “fallen away” like they labelled me. Pointing their finger at me for quitting following their man-made restrictive and disempowering rules. I was right to leave, and I knew it. I didn’t need the pastor’s approval to know what I knew. That’s empowering. I have the same direct access to Truth as any other human being.

By then, I knew that all I needed to do to continue on my spiritual journey it’s precisely what I had always done; despite the church, I always had my personal and intimate relationship with God, with Love, and with Jesus.

However, I must admit that the church, the Real Church, the body of Christ Consciousness, are the people who recognise God lives within them. The loving, sincere, devoted hearts to Love, to God. That’s you. And all my brothers and sisters. You, Christ Consciousness, taught me everything I know about Jesus, setting me well on my way to becoming like him. You reflected God to me at every turn with your Love, kindness and compassion. You taught me about God. Not the priest, pastor or apostle with their stupid indoctrination.  

Becoming Christ was my ambition and greatest motivation as a Christian. Little did I know that I AM Christ Consciousness. We are One.

I’m not a Christian; that’s an overworked and over-worn label full of restrictions, limitations and abhorrent lies. I’m not that.

Religion Vs Spirituality

I AM a Child of the Living God; I’m Love as Source is. I AM Divine Perfection in Form.

The Awakening

Religion Vs Spirituality

I see the awakening as the “full circle”; what was started 2000 years ago is coming to completion now. That is why I first identified what’s happening now with the “second coming”. 

Now, because of the awakening, I have come into contact with Jesus’ direct teachings; I have come to know all that was suppressed by the manipulators and deceivers that founded Christianity.

The good news is that it’s all good news. Jesus’ Real teachings are out there. You can document and educate yourself and ask the Holy Spirit in you to guide you to Truth; when you genuinely seek Truth, you w find it.

Religion Vs Spirituality

Most importantly, Jesus’ teachings are within you deeply engraved in your DNA. God is in your DNA. The Truth, the Love and the Light are within you. Go within yourself. It is a journey with no distance.

Becoming aware of Christ’s Consciousness, Oneness is God’s plan to take us out of the manufactured dream, where we’ve allowed our enslavement to occur and back into Reality from which we have never departed. We are living in a self-created, not-very-pleasant dream, awakening from it. 


Religion Vs Spirituality

Reality is much better than the fake stories they tell us about sin, guilt and sacrifice. God is Love; only Love is Real. That’s the only Truth about God: Love. Only What God has created is Real; God only creates Perfection, and Love is Perfection. We are Perfect Divinity in Form. 

It’s time to tear away all that does not serve us.

All that was hidden from you is now out in the open, the loving embrace of the Prime Creator who knows you as you are: perfect Love in form, guiltless, eternal, immortal as She created you.  

Religion Vs Spirituality

I know why I didn’t lose my way amid manipulation and deceit within religion; it is because the Truth is within me. Jesus holds my hand throughout my journey, and I give him my heart. Yes, Jesus is Real, and he is the Teacher.

That’s how you know you haven’t lost your way either. God knows your heart and keeps you safe with him in eternity. It’s time for you to know that. Your awakening will be a glorious moment of joy.

The primary teaching that has brought me home is what they’ve used to keep us captive: The Real teaching about sin is that there’s no sin. Do your own learning, and you will understand. You only need to seek within, and The Teacher will guide you. Start with A Course in Miracles.

There are amazing things I’ve learnt as I allow myself to live from the core of my Divinity, my heart, as I discover the power, the Truth, the Love and the Light that I Am.

As I open my heart to ALL that iS, All that IS comes to me from within. Love, peace, joy, and abundance are my attributes, and all that is is what I AM.


Religion Vs Spirituality

I learnt that the Act of Love has been degraded in the minds of humans to mean or represent anything but what it is: Sacred. 

This is due to its great power. The vicious attack on it and the corruption of it to the point of the perversion of that which is powerful and Sacred: human sexuality. It was turned into a taboo theme, used as a tool to traumatise children and degrade women by men at every level conceivable. Now it is being used to propel a transhumanist agenda. All this is very telling. 

Why has this vicious attack on human sexuality throughout the ages? Once you know the deceivers, you see what the motive behind the deception is.

Religion Vs Spirituality

It’s always to have you relinquish your power and give away your freedom to them to control and manipulate and to suck you dry off everything that is You. 

I know The Nature of God.

I’ve learnt and experienced much in the past year with a Course in Miracles and my personal, intimate communion with Spirit: Our true nature is Love. 

The deception of sin keeps us feeling lowly and, consequently, the effects of guilt. 

The True Nature of Salvation is Forgiveness.

Religion Vs Spirituality

The Illusion, “the matrix,” how it was “created”, why, and how we are breaking away from it.

The Awakening. Who we really are. And ultimately, our Power to Create like God.

And much more…

The knowledge, the Love and the abundance that awaits you! Is indescribable 

I’ll leave you to it… what awaits you in the awakening is unique, purposeful, and meaningful. It leads to immortality and the evermore expansion of the Love you are in eternity. 

The purposeful manipulation of religion for the enslavement of the human mind was designed to keep you, even the most devoted and spiritual beings, from your Truth.

Dios Desea el Paraiso para ti

Thank God He has plans in place. Plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

Find Jesus’ teachings in A Course in Miracles, the New Scriptures and in Jesus’ Autobiography by his chosen Channel, Tina Louise Spalding.