Imagine you wake up in the morning…

You hear a new noise; it’s a lovely noise, a kind of whistling melody; you get lost in the sound. It’s beautiful; it’s not humanly possible; it’s an unprovable sound; the beautiful sound has separated you from the nightmare you usually wake up to every morning, restrictions and sickness. But now the sound has taken centre stage.
The world doesn’t feel so bad anymore as long as you can listen to the melody.

You get up and sit at breakfast, and you ask your parents what that sound is. They are silent to hear. That’s birds singing, they say.

You close your eyes and breathe while listening, and your breathing meets with their singing.

Imagine you open your eyes …

You feel the urge to play, and you go outside; you start playing with your Soul to the hungriest and largest audience you have ever seen. It’s the world, the whole world; you heal. Your heart blends with all as you all experience one moment as one people, one race, one kind.

You feel the urge to breathe with All, and you do, and you know We are One.

Imagine you rise from your bed…

You take to your instrument, and you find a soulmate as the notes of your violin run to mingle in perfect harmony with the notes of a harp played by a maestro out of sight in another place near, a maestro you have never met; now he rests in all his glory within you and you within him you instinctively know him and he you, you know it’s true because it feels he you and you he, we are One.

You breathe together as One, and the most beautiful melody plays within your Souls.

Imagine you thought you were dreaming, but you are awake.

The sky is blue you breathe fresh air. You play and hear a Piano and a Saxophone playing Soul to Soul. Imagine you meet the most enormous family you never knew you had

Imagine you thought you were dreaming, but you are awake.

You realise the the beauty of their Soul, my Soul, your Soul because We are One.

You feel the necessity to stop and breathe and be grateful.

You see the Love around you that instantly heals your Soul, shutters your fear and bursts out in unison universal laughter.

You feel an overpowering urge to hug your equal, your seven billion in number equal. You can’t physically hug, but there is no need for your Soul is already hugging as it always was since we have always been One.

You are the needy as much as the poorest of the poor and the weakest of the weak or the oldest of the old. But you realise that you are also the greatest of the great you are a Hero.

Because you Love.