Step #1 Love Yourself


I love all of me; I honour me like my Mother God honours me. 

She loves me because She Created me. Period.

I don’t need to do another thing to be loved and accepted.

I love myself like my Mother Loves Me.

Every Tear I’ve dropped, Every laugh 

Every step, Every fall

Every success and achievement 

Every mistake and setback 

Every thought, every action, every word.

I love and honour everything that makes me, me.

Because that is the perfection of what and who I am 

As Created by the Creator 

As Love Created by Love

Greatness Creates Greatness. 

I rest in the Knowledge of my wholeness. 

I rest in the safety of my heart where there is only Peace and Love 

I rest in the presence of my Soul.

My presence is Light, is Power, is Love, is God.

My mind and God’s mind are One. 

I love God, my Creator, because 

God Loves Me 

I Love Me

It’s Ok to Love, to appreciate me, to honour me.

Without my Love projected on me, I cannot fulfil my highest purpose and destiny.

I let all of Me Be because every single bit of me is the perfection of Who I’m Am.

I rest is the grid of creation, that which holds all together

I rest in me. I rest In my heart. I rest In the Love that I Am.

I rest in that which I Am, Love ceaselessly expanding harmoniously in eternity