Receive and Experience All of Love’s Unique Expressions

Feel the Love others around you are sharing.

Do this:

Think of a person and then ask yourself, your angels or the Universe to feel their Love, then focus on your body and how this person’s Love feels on your body. Stay there for as long as you like, feeling this person’s Love; notice if it’s tinkly, soft, sweet, warm, light, or intense; it makes you smile…. 

What does it make you feel. How does your body feel? How does your heart feel?

Whenever you like, move on to the next person. 

You will notice that each person’s Love feels intrinsically different!

It’s amazing. I’m over the moon since I discovered and experienced this.

Each person is indeed a unique expression of Love. You have a unique energy and frequency; each of us has a unique Soul signature.

Don’t worry if, at first, your body doesn’t feel anything in particular when trying to intentionally feel another’s LoveLove. Simply think of the person and imagine how their Love feels.

Your imagination is more potent and real than anything tangible you perceive.

Imagination is the Twin Sister of creation. Imagination gives Light to Life.

I discovered this way of feeling other beings’ Love a day when I was feeling the lowest of the low. I was deeply submerged in a pit of negative thinking that led to anger that led to tears, which in turn built up to more of the same over again but more intense with each repetition of the pattern.

My biggest complaint, believe it or not, was that: Nobody Loves me, or at least I cannot feel the LoveLove you all keep going about. I must admit that this happened a few days ago, and you can laugh at that with me, please.

So, my 16-year-old walked into the room, and I instantly halted the negative pattern and sobered up fast as he approached me. We know what we mums are like with our children. But coming to think of it, I wasn’t that deeply submerged in any pits since I could pull myself out that fast when it was convenient.

Gabi gave me a sweet, soft, big, loving kiss of his, Only at by Gabi. 

And then he walked out of the room again. I immediately prepared to sink back into my pitiful state of desperation, but I thought: 

“Wait! Let me not be so rude as to not receive my son’s Love.”

And I had an instant idea which manifested with the following intention:

Let Me feel Gabi’s Love on my body, opening my heart and taking it all in.

I thought of him with this intention and …


I instantly felt Gabi’s unique expression of Love!

It is light, and it makes you feel like you are flying. It’s elevating … there’s more to describe. I could continue for pages on how I felt experiencing my son’s LoveLove intentionally with my heart, on my body, which expanded to my soul, but I’m not going to tell you.

I’ve already written two more descriptions than I wanted to share. I don’t want to spoil it for you when you try this out, and I don’t want you to have specific expectations based on what I share. This is my unique experience; your experience is also unique.

I’m just going to say that I can be submerged in experiencing Gabi’s Love all day long, no problem …

Of course, I wanted to test my discovery, so I decided to experience ArC Angel Michael’s Love because he is always there with me in the room…. 

Oh My, the Love of Arc Angel Michael! 

Then I went on to feel Yeshua’s Love; he is also always here with me and in me.

They are always here with us to Love us because they Love us

Wooow….. what I experience when feeling Yeshua’s Love is…

My goodness!

Each of their unique expressions of Love felt distinctively different on my body, a sensory feast, and orchestra of tenderness infused with thrill, excitement and all things magic.

Again I’m trying hard not to give much away… find out yourself.

It is not just the intel you get in the form of feelings and sensations when you are intentionally submerged in Love…

You also feel, see and understand what the LoveLove you are experiencing does to you and others; you see how uniquely it affects and contributes to the collective consciousness. 

All the excitement that feeling their LoveLove brought me made me want to know what my own unique expression of LoveLove feels like. So I asked, let me feel my Love. 

I did so! I loved it the most!

“Unique” is the word that amazes me the most in this discovery, how truly different each exhilarating experience of LoveLove is.

This is a new practice I’ve just invented. I’ve never heard anything like this before, and I’ve imagined it.

Please try it out and let me know how it goes.

I’ve been consciously and intentionally practising the inverse for a long time, sending Love with my heart to others, seeing them enveloped in my Love in the form of light, green light as it is the colour of our heart chakra, pink light as it is the colour of Love, in my opinion. Purple/Lilac as it is my colour and of the Violet Flame. White Golden light, the colour of the healing light my heart and soul carry.

This we light workers do even when we don’t know we are doing it. This is a common practice that we have all been instructed in. However, my discovery, which takes us to the other side of the spectrum, is awesome. Don’t you think? 


We are One