No One Has Authority over Me

No One

Not a Goverment , not a King or a Queen not a President or Prime Minister, let alone a Policeman or a Religious Satanic Clown, namely a Pope!

I reserve my God given birthright: Free Will

I do not give away my Free Will to any person or institution, and I govern me myself, thanks!

God didn’t create us to be ruled God created us Free. I will not go against God’s Will.

Anyone got a problem with that? Tough! My life is mine to live, no ones to judge or have a problem with. God gave me my life. If anyone doesn’t like that and would like to use my life for their benefit, I’m sorry, but it’s not happening. My life is mine! All I produce all I gain all I achieve is mine

The levels of sheer and disgusting deceit, manipulation, thieving and killing of the trusting population has gone too far!