Ethical Fashion -Documentary Short film

Note on the Climate Change Hoax: At the time I produced this short film, about ten years ago, I’d fully bought into the WEF manipulation for control and enslavement agenda that was presented to us in the disguise of “Climate Change” I know now that the whole man-made climate change deception is simply that deception for manipulation and control from the same old organised criminal cartel posing as “leaders, technocrats and philanthropists” this criminal cartel to whom we have volunteered our very being, trusting them with our very existence, which they want to end. The criminal cartel that’s constantly promoted and praised on your TV set. The same bunch of bloody criminals who believe we humans are so stupid that we will continue to relinquish our free will and our inherent power to do whatever the heck we want with our God-given life. They seem to believe that we will give up our right to “breathe” and our power to create in favour of their human wealth hoarding, their disgusting greed, their unspeakable drive for manipulation and nullification of our will, and their nefarious, transhumanist = human-kind-ending plans.

Delusional idiots! Annus Swab and his Monster Mob at the wannabe-humanity-crasher World Economic Forum. Give it up!

A short Documentary film by Sylvia Love Johnson


In the search for our characters, who decisively are “society’s trends interpreters” we met face to face with  the actual cultural trends enveloping nowadays; environmental awareness, global warming, sustainability, energy efficiency, carbon pollution, environmentally friendly activities, water rights, solar energy, fair trade, fair employment, poverty, famine, humanity’s grand challenges.

In the times we live, our society is most concerned with the preservation of our planet. Recycling, becoming aware of environmental initiatives, education on the preservation of Mother Earth and her resources, respect for the animal and the plant kingdoms. Feeling connected with nature and taking care of our home.  This is the trend of the moment, therefore finding a fashion designer who reflects this trend was not a difficulty, but it is surprising to see how many other designers ignore this socially driven movement.


Ethical Fashion


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