My Ways into Being

Raise Your Vibration.

To understand the nature of God, Source, Love, the Energy that we Are; God who is the Universe and my Nature as well as the Key to Freedom, Happiness, Power and Fulfilment in everlasting Love, Peace and Joy. Infinite Creation, I begin by learning and knowing the nature of my being by Being. 

Ways into Being:

Journey within into the heart, into the Soul’s Loving Consciousness. A journey with no distance.

Sometimes I find it hard to start meditating because I feel agitated. My memory identifies this feeling of agitation sometimes as fear, other times as dissatisfaction. Even though I know, it’s not fear. 

I know it’s the excitement; it is exciting! Everything happening within me and around me presently is exciting. The harmony and the connection I’m finding are pretty amazing. 

I’m beginning to feel the flow of the Universe Constantly through me!

Those times it helps me to remember this fact about fear:

Fear is an illusion created in the mind. It is not real. Only what God creates is Real. We made up fear in our minds as part of this illusory world we chose to participate in and design as we went along, and it got a little out of hand.

The Matrix. 

There is no fear in me; there has never been fear in me. There’s only Love. 

Also, it is good to remember this fact about Love:

Knowing I’m only Love and nothing but Love. Every little particle of Light, every cell in me, is Love. Every single tiny little bit in me is Love. It cannot be otherwise. That is a fact. That’s how I was Created by the Creator, and so were you if you are a human.

Awakening is remembering that we are Love incarnate. We are Light in form.

The knowledge of the Universe cannot be contained in the human brain because of the programming of The Matrix. But if we go out of our brains to the Universe within, the Home of God, within Oneself, that’s the Kingdom of God, then we have access to all knowledge.

It takes practice in stillness and silence. Sure thing! 

We must now learn to be still and in silence and gradually go within and stay there. Every second will take us closer to who we really are. My rule is to spend a minimum of three minutes each time I sit to meditate, and I do so a minimum of three times a day.

But, after practising more and more, I love staying there, in the Universe, longer and longer.

In Stillness and in Silence: Raise Your Vibrations.

See if you would like to try my way into Being. Spend three minutes or more. You can do one, some or all of these: 

  • Going within.
  • Loving me: giving me a few minutes of peace in Eternity. Accessing the Now. 
  • Breathing. Just Breathing.
  • Breathing into my Body: Feeling the vital Energy in my body. At this, when exhaling, I feel my breath throughout my body in the form of warm air expanding from me.
  • Breathing into my Chakras in turns to activate each of them. I breathe three times into each of them. St. Germain reminded me of this method of raising my vibrations. 
  • Keeping my Heart Chakra open. 
  • Feeling the Love of God running through me, Feeling the Love I Am.
  • Self Love 
  • Feeling my Body.
  • Feeling my Sacred Chakra. 
  • Feeling the Essence of my Divine Energy. My presence within. 
  • Feeling the liveliness of my body, my Being, that feeling is the Light that I Am. It is the Kingdom of God. When you feel any part of your body without moving it or touching it. You feel that All that we All are. That Energy. 
  • Meditation:

As I feel my Being, Being: Knowing that I feel, What I AM, I AM Spirit Soul. I connect with All it is All. I AM not Separate from All Beings and the Universe. We are One Energy from One Source. I can never be separated from Source. It encompasses All; it is the fabric of the Universe and is what I’m Made of. It is Love. 

  • Meditation

I feel my Soul in my limbs 

I feel my Soul in my Heart- Chest Center 

I feel my Soul in my Head Rested

I feel my Soul in my Sacred Chakra 

  • I AM Love 
  • Meditation

I envelop the Entire world visualising Planet Earth surrounded by violet-golden-white Light. So that my unconditional Love reaches out to any and every corner where it is needed. 

My Other ways into Being

Listening to MMy music of Love 

Dancing with my heart and Soul 


Remembering my Wings – I visualise my angel wings. 

Creating: Deeply submerging into My Whole Desire, which is My Creation. 

Spiritual Study– Conscious Spiritual Growth 

Deep Inner Peace by Resting in My Heart – In Silence and in Stillness 

Loving me by Allowing me Peace and Joy because I deserve it and am it too.