The Brexit “thing” is yet another scam by the corrupt UK Government to steal EU children from their parents.

All EU Parents with Settled Status in the UK must know this:

Your children – no matter their age, whether a baby or a teen- DO NOT HAVE the RIGHT to STUDY, live, rent or work in the UK.

The reason you didn’t know this is because while they were putting us through the stressful process of completing EU “paperwork” application for the Brexit bs settled status, a few years ago, we were led to believe, throughout the entire process that our dependent children will the same status as we get automatically. This was written down in several parts of the guidelines/ documentation during the process, and I also had it confirmed by a Home Office agent on the phone.

Imagine the phone call conversation to Home Office:

Me: I now have a settled status; how about my dependant children? there is mention of them in the letter? Why aren’t they mentioned?

UK Home Office: Your children get the same status as you automatically.

What a stupid question, right?

What country would grant me an immigration status yet leave the child I’m holding in my arms with no immigration status at all, just leaving it up to the baby to apply for whatever they have to apply whenever the child realises they don’t have the “right” to study in the country they’ve lived all their life. When he/she comes across the surprise that he/she is a non-legal immigrant or illegal child with settled parents, or non-settled immigrant child? or is a what please? Home Office, can you tell me what status our children have after you have “granted” us the parents a settled status?

All we know is that you are suddenly asking these children to prove their right to study and ignoring that their parents have the obviously bs settled status you bsly “granted”.

I made a point to call the home office and ask because even though the EU Settlement application guidance stated in several parts that my dependent children would be given the same status as me automatically- which is to be assumed by any sane person- yet within the application itself, in the forms to fill in for your Settlement Status there was no section where one could add the names, ages, addresses and occupations of one’s children. This raised suspicion. So I made sure I phoned up the home office to clarify this before choosing to stay in England. I would not stay in a country where my children need to “suddenly” prove their right to study, when they have already been full-time students in England since year one at Primary School.

Is this a sign that we are going backwards in society? Now we are making children need to apply independently from their parents for an “immigration” status in England so they can study in the UK. They would to learn read and write first wouldn’t they? and hopefully, they would then also understand what an immigration status is.

Is this what’s happening? Teen children at college who have lived in England all their live being pulled out of class and asked prove their right to study? Is this pure careless insanity?

No. That’s not it.

The Brexit “thing” is yet another scam by the corrupt UK government to steal EU children from their parents. This scheme, this plot, has been purposely and very consciously perpetrated against We the people by the corrupt, failed, dead, packed up, bankrupt and dissolved in May 2021, UK government.

I learnt that my children don’t have the right to study by surprise. My son decided to move from Secondary School 6th Form to College.

We suddenly discovered that he has not got the right to study, or as they put it – for purposes of complete and full rounded deception- he has to “prove” that he has the right to study.

UK corrupt, deceitful government: We are not saying that we are saying what we are saying” A very familiar situation when it comes to the organised criminal activities of these masters of deception, posing as rulers.

Posers! No one rules You Me One, unless you freely give your consent, you haven’t freely given your consent to any of their rules, laws and demands, instead you have been deceived into giving away your free will. That, deception, that stripping you of your frmy friend it’s against the Law, the only Law that applies to you if you are a human.

I was deceived into remaining in this country. As I would not have stayed in this country if, at the point of deceit, while I was applying, and when I was finally labelled with: Settled Status, the UK Home Office hadn’t been a lying bastard! And had been clear, honest and straightforward about the fact that my children would get no status at all whatsoever.

Lying about it and then surprising us makes it a lot easier for them to keep us in distress and fear. Which is the main effect they want to cause. The people falsely posing as your rulers in this world, those who tell you do this, do that and bla, bla; their primary instruction is to keep you unhappy. Haven’t you noticed by now? Please notice it!

But the bonus for this lying bastard UK home office – which by the way it doesn’t exist anymore, not “legally” as they “themselves” by their own fake, enslaving good-4-no-one “laws”, as they like to call their methods and schemes for oppression. The uk government is currently pretending to exist so that the posers can continue to suck you dry.

Dry of everything you have and dry of everything you are, with your consent. Check it out! Go to Companies House and search for the UK Commonwealth Corporation and the City of London Corporation. These companies posing as “government” for centuries, are gone, yet they continue to operate – illegally by their own laws.

You didn’t know governments worldwide were run by corporations, did you? In fact they were corporations. Were, in past tense. They are all dissolved at this point in time. You didn’t know this because that is part of the scam they pulled on us on us for eons. Please go and learn more about this. You will find it is in your best interest, and can assure you: the truth won’t bite.

As I was saying, having created the perfect environment to cause sheer fear and distress within EU families in the UK, the, very much intended, bonus, this scheme/scam allows these posers is to remove your children any time they please as your children they have “no immigration status” in this country, no right to occupy the space they do, that is only if you consent to their bull-shit laws, if you consent and only then. You don’t have to consent as you are bound by no laws but the Law of One, if you are a living breathing human being.

Bellow, I have provided the evidence you need to understand what is going on and how I found out totally by surprise.

Read my specific case and then see the evidence in the communications between myself and Reading Active Learning College who made clear that whwritten above it’s how the uk government stands in regards to EU children right to study; what you have read above is their position.

Reading College practically “spelt- it -out,” to my shock and disbelief.

Note: I am Spanish. I have lived in England since 1992.

My children were not born in England because I chose to give birth in my hometown surrounded by my family and friends. I’m not explaining this to Reading Active Learning College or the Home Office, it’s not their business. What I do with my life is no one’s business but mine. I’m explaining my situation to you, the reader, so that you can grasp what you are up against if you are an EU parent in the UK.

Before I proceed with the evidence I would like to let you know what’s my position and where I stand:

My planet Earth, where I live, is my home, it’s everyone’s equally, the whole of it. Frontiers were set, and passports were made by the powers that were for apparent reasons. l hope you are, bit by bit, noticing what those reasons might be. I haven’t renewed my passport I don’t intend to do it ever again. Enough is enough, no one will control or decide upon my freely travel upon my planet.

I do plan to travel across the Earth, Mother Gaia as much as I please and wherever I like.

No poser image on TV will tell me I can’t. No agent of scammers will stop me, and I’m giving away my right to travel across my entire home planet Earth to no one! I will not be bending. I DO NOT CONSENT.

Communication Emails between myself and Reading Active Learning College, a Governmental Public Learning Institution.

This is an extract from my conclusive and final email to Reading College while I was processing the shock as they were not going to let my child enrol in his desired course as normal. And there’s was nothing I, his mother who has a settled status, could do. The screenshot gallery shows the Reading Active Learning response to this email. Following I have included the communications prior these two final emails.

Email Extract

“My son lives in England since 2010.

He is a Full-time student currently in Secondary Education at the Bulmershe School. He has 12 GCSE with above-average grades and a Stellar Academic Curriculum.

He has attended education in England since year 1 at primary school. His school attendance has aided in funding Education in England. Every year my son has attempted school; his educational institutions, primary and secondary schools, have received funding for his education, money from the taxpayer, money for the government to fund the government’s educational institutions, needing as pretext for these funds the existence of my living breathing son.

How dare you – the governmental, educational institution Reading College- now challenge his right to education? You are now preventing him from continuing his desired academic path. On what grounds?

We, EU parents, might not have “stayed” in a country and continued to contribute to the growth of our communities if we had known about this scam in which our settled status in the UK does not apply to our dependant children.

Unless Home Office was /is lying, and they have “hidden” plans for our children. My Settled Status fully applies to my son as I was told throughout the process.


This makes for a very DISTRESSING International breach. Why is this so underhanded? Yet blatantly OBVIOUS.

This child immigration non-status serves the British establishment to steal children from parents. Why would a government grant a settled status to parent but not to their dependant child?

You are causing havoc and disruption in the life of a teenager who simply wants to move from Secondary to College and has the right to do so. He isa young teen with a stellar academic journey in England,

The People need hear about this.

Their Response

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