Inner Peace

Inner Peace 

The Path of no Resistance 

“When you accept every moment, every moment becomes the best.”

The Power of Now

Sometimes I feel fidgety. I walk up and down “doing”. I have lots of thoughts going on and on. Many of those thoughts make me feel anxious…

such thoughts as

“I’ve got so much to do. Lots of work on top of more lots of work.”

“That person or this person hurt me so much… and they don’t even care. They don’t even realise.”

During times like this I’m not breathing, not entirely, or fully or properly.

“I’ve got so much to do, and I don’t know how; I don’t have time for any of it. Let alone breathing.” I tell myself unconsciously.

Little do I remember that all of my time concerns vanish when I recognise that time does not exist.

Then I decide to be here, and now in the moment. My quickest and preferred access Gateway to the Now these days is through my body: Feeling my body. Feeling every part of it in turns and at once. Acknowledging every single one of my cells. Feeling the tension or pains, the pressure on my chest, if it’s there. Breathing light into all of me. Breathing deeply into my chakras.

Watching my body relax as My whole, true, Innere being comes to the frontline of my awareness. I become increasingly conscious of my every sensation, and then I see, feel, I AM what lies beneath, undeniably and ever-present; Ever calm, ever-loving, ever peaceful, my Eternal Being.

Practice being fully in your body, reaching deep and deeper moment by moment to access the Now.

When you feel detached from your Inner Peace, You are not in your original and whole state of being.

What to do to allow yourself to have that which is inherently Yours: 

“The Peace of God that Transcends Understanding”

Don’t Resit your perceived Lack of Inner Peace.

Choose the Path of no resistance.

Don’t try to scape it or deny it, or reject it.

Don’t feel guilty about it.

Don’t feel impatient with yourself for being restless, anxious and fed up!

Don’t try to or pretend to ignore it.

Don’t wish it away.

Accept it. Surrender to the Now. Give your full Attention to the Now and watch your God Given and God Like Power begin to sprout.

Look at whatever it is bugging you in the eye.

Observe your perceived lack of inner peace. Your stress, your fear, your anxiety, whatever it is causing, and become fully aware of its effect on you. Right on. Like saying: “So what? That’s how it affects me. Yes. Ok”

Do not hide it, or hide from it. Give your full attention to it. Without judgment. You are not to judge. That defeats the purpose. You are to give your full attention to how you are feeling, not to judge how you are feeling.

Judging will keep you from your Inner Peace.

Become fully aware of you feelings, emotions, and sensations. If there is physical pain due to tension allows allow your awareness to give it your full attention.

Be Conscious of It and how it feels on your body. Give it Attention. Your body thrives on your attention. And so, in that way, it becomes Transmuted. What was restlessness, fear, worry, anxiety becomes Inner Peace, you are Conscious.

We are One