The Path of No Resistance

Master Creation

You are not a drop in the Ocean. You are the entire Ocean in a Drop.


What do you want to create? What do you desire? What do you want to see in this life?

What is the path to getting what we want?

The path I used to choose was as aggressive as possible, often straining, almost self-punishing hard work. Don’t stop even if you drop.

When I thought I was working hard, I felt I needed to work harder. It was never enough, and so did my results show. To reinforce my hard work to the point of exhaustion I chose defensiveness when all felt too hard and out of reach. I often chose self-pity when I saw that my greatest efforts in work currency fell short.

If I intend to use work currency: my own physical strength, vital energy and mental capabilities to build all that I want to see in this life, all that I can imagine. I cannot do it! Not from my egoic mind’s strength, I can’t.

Our ego likes to keep us busy and happy with building and making this and that when in fact, we are Creators; what we do is Create through the Spirit.

The Spirit transcends mental capacity and physical strength. It transcends all the limiting beliefs of the egoic mind. There’s nothing new about that; that’s the Truth. 

The Ego is incapable of Creating; Only the Spirit can create.

I used to choose anger and despair, justified by what I saw as “fruitless” results. I choose to strongly identify with my sense of Self. The Self I’ve made throughout my lifetime; My ego. I chose to strongly identify with her thoughts, feelings and emotions. When in reality, She is not me. She thinks she is and tries to make me think she is, but she is not.

I AM God’s Creation, not my own.

My ego loves me to identify with where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and how much I’ve accomplished. How much I’ve been ignored. How much I’ve suffered. How much I have devoted and given to my career.

What could be possibly wrong with thinking any of that? Those are my hardships, pain, endurance, hard work, and the accumulation and variation of my sense of Self of worth. My projections on my “unreachable” future. Because as long as it is in the future, you never reach it. Haven’t you noticed that?

The past and future don’t exist, and what doesn’t exist isn’t real.

Only “NOW” is real, and all my power is NOW. To be exercised NOW. It never stops being NOW.

That’s why I chose to focus on NOW; To know my power NOW. The power of my Eternal Being, and it is NOW that I can access it.

Only what remains is Real; what remains always is; it never stops being. It is Love. Your Creations are expressions of Love. Love Manifested. Love, vibrating at the frequency of your desires.

The key is to know the difference between the voice of my ego and the voice of my Being, my spirit and then choose to listen to the right voice. And so we raise our vibrations and naturally, effortlessly flow to the path of no resistance. That is the Truth.

What is the Truth?

What is the path of no resistance? What’s the path of no resistance for you?

Love? Love is all there is. It is who you are. What you are made of, what you do, what you are here for. Is this knowing the path of no resistance? 

Is it being open to the Love that is who you are? Can the path of no resistance be to rest in this knowing, in this Love? There where you belong, where you always are? You are inseparable from Love. You are Love, and you are eternally loved. This is the Truth. 

Is the path of no resistance Self Love? Honouring Yourself, truly from the heart. Directing all your Love and compassion to You. Because You are the One. 

This is the Truth. 

Is the path of no resistance replacing disempowering thoughts for those that are soothing, cool, fun, creative, exciting, smile provoking, laughter bursting? Or even, why not simply step away from the mind and watch. Watch the thoughts, any thoughts, watching as a silent watcher who is just watching. Looking at it ALL from your Inner Being, no judgment. The fact that you can choose the path of no resistance is true.

For me, the path of no resistance is appreciating the beauty around me and enjoying this beautiful path hand in hand with my Brother Yeshua. 

For me, it is creating what I want to see. Knowing that I can. The path of no resistance is treasuring my loved ones every second of my existence. 

It is Being in Joy, because of so! Yeah, Joyful for the sake of it! How about you? Do you deserve as much? Joy for the sake of Joy?.

Because if you want, you can have that, you know? You do not need to tediously “wait” for outside circumstances and/or contributions from other beings or other things to come and give something that is your birthright. No one and nothing needs to give you joy; It’s already yours.

You can do that now. You can be in joy right now. Do. I dare you.

Joy comes from within you, it does not come from outside sources. Furthermore, everything you’ve ever desired, all the abundance and all the Love is already yours; it is all within you. If you don’t believe me, check it out.

Know that that is the Truth. 

You don’t need to “believe” it or “perceive” it if you can’t or don’t want to. However, it’s still the Truth. And it applies without belief or perception. 

Perpetrators in history have gotten us addicted to trying to blur the TRUTH. That cannot be done. Yet human “perception” has been ferociously corrupted for aeons. But the Truth cannot be corrupted. Not only that but all illusions and lies dissolve into nothing when confronted with the Truth. It’s almost hilarious to see how the active perpetrators shudder and tremble at the sound of the word Truth. They give themselves away… try it out. 

The Truth is inside of you, embedded on your Soul.

Knowing the Truth is the path of No resistance to Master Creation. 

What do you want to Create? I desire to experience your Creations.

We are One.