Self-Love is the Greatest and Most Powerful Love

The Power to Heal the World is Within You

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

“The Love that makes you believe in yourself. When you believe, you see the beauty of life, and you know the road to your dreams” —Invisible Colours

I remember the first time I heard Gabrielle Bernstein say “choose love over fear”; I had recently learnt that there only exist two core emotions: love and fear. The rest are feelings deriving from one or the other. When Gabby sad choose love over the fear, I intuitively knew it was all about self-love. Looking at ourselves and our life with love instead of fear.

“Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. You have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

Lucille Ball

What do you do when someone you love is not feeling on top of the world? You tell them to stop being so weak, to get it together, to get on with life or else bad things will happen.

No. You don’t.

You tell them that they are good. They are loved. That everything will be fine. You hug them and caress them. Some times you desperately seek to comfort them at all costs.

The most sacred and hidden lesson I learnt when I was writing Invisible Colours was the importance and the vitality of self-love. I didn’t love myself when the story was conceived, far from it. I was 16 years old, and I had already had a severely traumatic life.

When the Invisible Colours story started I didn’t love me at all. However, years later, as the story continued to unfold, I learnt that the 40 something years old version of me adored that 16-year-old to the point that had her meet her face to face.

Gabby’s words inspired the belief that deep, real, pure, self-love is the only thing that can truly conquer fear.

Aligning your energy; your thoughts and feelings, with the love of the Universe, is a sure path to all wishes fulfilled. A bonus is that it is the best you can do to save the world. It is your most enormous contribution to healing humanity.

Self-loathing, insecurity, the painfully evasive pursuit of perfection, low self-esteem; they are all too familiar in our society, often integrated and accepted as a way of life.

Only when you love yourself can you love others share your light inspire purposefully and unapologetically.

Sings of Self-Love

You are not afraid to speak for up yourself. You know your opinion, thoughts and feelings are as valuable as anyone else’s. You don’t need approval.

You value what you do in life. You consider yourself unique, and you know that only you can accomplish the mission you are here to achieve. You know your role in this world is vital.

You gracefully accept compliments and affection.

You are happy to indulge yourself doing what you love at any given time.

Signs of Lacking Self-Love

You feel drawn to any drama in within your radar and are happy to participate in it fully.

You believe everyone else in this world is more important than you and that their needs come first than yours at all times.

You don’t value what you do in life.

You feel obligated always to say yes when a friend or a loved one wants something of you.

You reject compliments and affection.

You feel guilty when you do anything for you, such as eating something you like and spend money on yourself.

What other signs do you believe there are for self-love or lack of self- love? Let me know in comments.

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