Experience Now Every Moment ,here there is only Peace, Joy and Love.

Tha past has vanished it has no hold on you not whatsoever. You can leave it behind and it will be like it has never existed if you so wish, it’s not always appealing to just let go of the past but it is the most beneficial for your journey ahead as it amounts to less weight. Take with you what’s light and fun love filled. If you must. But is not necessary there are plenty of light, fun, loved filled moments to experience here and now fully hands on, body mind and soul. Don’t waste the now moment thinking about the past.

Your future is great! Just know that and be happy for all that’s coming. It’s a wonderful surprise beyond your imagination for your delight

Seek, create your every moment of beauty, pleasure, sensations, inspiration, enlightening, laughter, love, kisses, hugs, smiles, flowers, natural, candles, pets, and anything that enriches your moment, for this is true gold and it is all at your disposal for you to experience now, and every moment. Be clear about your desires and happy in wondrous anticipation. The combination of your thoughts and feelings makes anything possible. Anything you can imagine. Do it for the fun of it. Moment by moment. Experience the now every moment,here there is only peace, joy and love.

Dare to stay here and now, let your life be a wonderful surprise. Don’t miss it. The Moment is now