Do this Journaling Exercise to Abolish Limiting Beliefs

How to Shift your Consciousness to Match the Energy of Your Desired Experiences.

In this life mindsets is everything. The right mindset will lead you on to places beautiful beyond imagination and your dreams. For Mind Mastery it’s imperative to abolish limiting beliefs.

We are not Limited. Limitation is not real.

In short, the sum of your beliefs creates an energy field around you. That energy field reflects on to the Universe communicating with Source and attracting on to your life the things that you experience. Like attracts like; therefore, the energy that you reflect needs to match with the energy of the experiences you want to attract; this is the reason why we need to abolish limiting beliefs before we can experience the life want.

The good news is that abolishing limiting beliefs is not complicated or difficult; it is as simple as making a choice. However resetting your mindset does require commitment, dedication and a little work, depending on how strong your limiting beliefs are or how enlightened you are in terms of consciousness.

There are multiple methods for tackling mindset mastery in our spiritual journey; meditation, affirmations, hypnosis, study, self-discovery, gratitude and more.

The main thing about the mind is that it is a tool. It needs to be used by you as opposed to letting use you. Limiting beliefs are embedded in us through our minds. One important practice is to learn to stop identifying with the mind and it’s constant “negative chatter”

Knowing that your mind and it’s thoughts are not who YOU are allows you to step back from the chatter and simply observe the thoughts come and go. Without judging and knowing that they don’t affect you.

From that’s stand point you can then begin to connect more deeply with your heart and with the now. Connect with your inner self and with your true power and start by focusing on being happy. Bring anything you desire to you starting by knowing what is it that you desire.

Leading a healthy lifestyle, being joyful, smiling a lot and often and making a point to only focus on “all things good presently in your life” can miraculously and gradually transform your mindset and abolish all your limiting beliefs.

Today, I’m going to let you into one of my favourite methods. This is a journaling technique for radical mindset mastery that will destroy your limiting beliefs.

This technique has 3 Steps. Use this technique to tackle only one limiting belief at a time.

Step 1

Lay it out as you feel it, sparing no detail write up your limiting belief. Entirely and in great length. Spit it all out. Write down all the negativity and all the darkness attached to your limiting belief in one go. Do this on day 1


Day 1. Ana wrote: I’m an actress, or I wish I were. After drama school, I have gotten 0 roles. I get a few auditions here and there but I’m so afraid to go. I have been tempted to do a “no show” more than once. I hate rejection. I’m not confident. They probably can’t stand the sight of me when they see me. I look nothing like what they want. The moment I walk in the audition room they look at me and think they made a mistake to call me in for the audition. No casting director likes me at all. I know it. I’m so nervous and awkward at auditions. I make everyone feel uncomfortable. I don’t ever look the part. There are no roles for me. I will never make it in this career. I will be lucky if I get background work. It’s impossible to make it big. There are too many actors out there all of them better than me. I suck at this. I wish I could be confident and beautiful and thin.

Step 2

Debate with your limiting beliefs. Gather all the evidence you can against your limiting beliefs and write it down. Do this on day 2.


Day 2. Ana wrote: I’m an actress. A trained actress. I graduated with merits. My fellow students and teachers loved my performances. I have a talent for acting, and this is what I want to do. I have the right to do what I want with my life. I’m the captain of my ship. I can create the experiences I want. I adore acting. I’m very good at it. I can play any role. I’m unique. No one can do “me”. No one has my looks, my essence, my presence. I have the right to succeed at this. I can, and I will be happily pursing my career. I can choose to be confident. I can create roles for me by believing they already exist.

Step 3

Outright deny your limiting beliefs. Give yourself irrefutable proof against those limiting beliefs. If you don’t have sufficient evidence, then fabricate it. Life is about creating your experience with your beliefs, shaping your energy as you please. Your beliefs are whatever your predominant thoughts are. You can choose what to think at any given time.

The way you need to “deny” your limiting beliefs is not by saying “no” to what you don’t want, but by ignoring it, and saying yes to what you do want.

For example instead of saying: I’m not a confident Actor, Ana on day 3 wrote: there is a special and unique quality about me and my aura which any lucky casting director will see and adore me for it.


Instead of saying: There are no roles for me. Ana on day 4 wrote: There is an up and coming genius film director who is writing a lead role for me as we speak right now.

Do step three on days 3 to 24

More Examples on step 3

Day 5. Ana wrote: I can get any role I want. I just need to find something I want and go for it full-heartedly. I love auditions; they are an excellent opportunity to shine and show off and practice for the big day. I don’t give a flying toss about rejection. It’s their loss, not mine, every time. If they reject me, they aren’t good enough. Everyone adores me in the audition room. I have them at hello with my smile and my chill out relaxed attitude.

Day 6. Ana wrote: Every part I audition for is perfect for me.

Day 7. Ana wrote: The next role I get will make me famous.

Day 8. Ana wrote: I’m charming and beautiful, loved and adored. I’m God’s child. I get whatever I want in life because it’s my birthright. I’m going to get that role or something much better at the perfect time for me.

Day 9. Ana wrote: I’m ready to crush this audition. The part is mine.

Day 10: Ana wrote: I have the power to bring to me the TV series project of my dreams. I’m going to do it now.

During step 3, you are radically attacking your limiting beliefs to put them to the ground to watch, then turn to dust and disappear.

To recap, with step one, you bring the darkness and the negativity of your limiting belief to the light, in that way it’s power over you weakens. With step two, you argue your limiting belief with truthful evidence. You call it a “liar” and you have proof for that conclusion. Your beliefs are what you want them to be. Therefore your limiting beliefs are just as fake as you decide they are.

Step three is the most important: You have dismissed your limiting beliefs by purposely ignoring them and now you are creating new beliefs. Beliefs that please you and align with your desired experience. You create what you want.

Don’t worry if you don’t genuinely believe all of what you write during step three at first.

Remember: beliefs are what you think about most and consistently.

Let the journaling do its magic.

Keep at step 3 for 21 days to reset your mindset and abolish your limiting beliefs. Your consciousness is shifting, your body and your environment will respond to the slightest shift of consciousness adapting and renewing your experience to match your new awareness.

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