To Manifest Hold the Vision of your Dream with your Whole Heart

To manifest, learn to harmoniously align your heart with the processes of the Universe.

Focus on your goal or dream peacefully with your heart and not so much with your mind. Hold the energy (excitement for what you desire) in place in your heart. Direct it. Ride it. Order it into manifestation. You are the one who chooses what happens next. You are the creator of your reality; you create your life with your choices. Choose whatever you want and watch the magic unfold. The whole Universe is impacted.

You are covered. You have no needs or wants; everything Is provided for you with your desire. You are a creator at work; nothing can go wrong. You are a divine being of light, and you have divine guidance. You are being guided by your angels, spirit guides and masters. You see, that’s their job, their part of the mission, to guide you, to lead you to help you, to show you the way. Let them do their part. Your part is to choose. You choose the paints, the colours, the brushes, the textures you envision the most delightful picture, and you let the Universe and Natural Laws take over in the delivery part of things, as that’s its part. The Universe is On!

Let’s each of the ONE do its part. Do your part with pride and honour. Choose what you want. It’s yours by just choosing it.
Don’t doubt yourself. Trust yourself. You are already trusted with impacting the entire Universe. You are a perfect divine being, and that is the truth.