It’s Happening Here and Now Don’t Miss it!

Your next moment of Power

“Your next moment of Power, of light, of love, of inspiration, of marvellous wonder! Magic, thrill, excitement, joy happens here and now.”

Don’t miss it!

Stay here, stay in the now, for this is the door to unlimited possibilities of creation, cooperation, unity, strength, inspiration.

Creation happens here and now. If you only focus on a pre-planned future, you miss the present moment. You skip the most fun and conscious unfolding of what you are creating. If you insist on carrying the past with you, your load in the journey multiplies. If it’s heavy, it will make you slower or even bring you to a standstill. In most cases carrying the past can blind you and condition you to repeat it.

Leave the past behind. It’s alright! It won’t take it personally. It’s done with. It was nice! Say Goodbye. Who cares about the past now? 

The way to master manifesting is to stay here and now. To always be present. Make conscious choices; choose the frequency you want to exist in. Offer the Universe the vibrations you choose now. Create consciously by choice. You can only do that here and now as it is all there is. Don’t doubt your intentions. Maintain the energy you desire at all times. Fully trusting the method: This is how you create the life you want.  

Choose to expand your consciousness. Choose to grow. Choose to have an abundant and happy life. Choose whatever you want. It’s your choice.

Do it here, do it now. Don’t wait for some perfect timing in some non-existing future, and don’t trust the past with it. Know that the past has nothing to do with your ability to master manifesting and heed only what aids you in your creations.

How carrying the past can negatively affect manifesting.

When working on the projects that I love and deeply believe in, sometimes I feel an “alien” dissatisfaction or uneasiness. I then ask my inner self to tell me why I feel like this? The answer is: These feelings are projections from my past. That’s how I felt all the times I thought I was a failure or that failure was imminent. Those feelings were always baseless; they could not originate from any sort of truth. Yet they were there. Cosy in my heart happy with the free “uninvited” ride I kept providing addictively.

Negativity is addictive; it is a habit. Negative experiences aren’t “real”, and we simply choose to experience them.

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How focusing on pre-planned future blocks you from growing, expanding and becoming more conscious

You must know what you want in life for your future and then trust that it’s here as soon as you desire it; you have created it with your clear thoughts and intense feelings, your intention. This is manifesting. Then let it go, and be happy with the expectation to see it unfold in your present. While it unfolds, stay present. Whatever you desire can only grow in the present. 

If you project your desires onto the “future”, you cast your energy on the wrong space. There is no “future” Your energy needs to be invested here in your present; because you are creating now.

When you focus on some distant future, you don’t allow the limitless possibilities available to you to arise, delight, and surprise you.

How would you see magic if you were not looking? Magic only happens here and now, and you won’t experience it when you are focused elsewhere.

I’m becoming adept at seeking magic in my life moment by moment.

Every single moment in your existence has the potential of being the most beautiful, magical and most delicious moment.

I start with my body and sensations, and then I continue by treasuring my thoughts and feelings. Then I choose the frequencies that match my most desired creations at any given time, and then I infuse in it the “EXPECTANCY” to see what happens next.

I cannot describe how wonderful this process is, but I can say that when I fully indulge in this: 

Oh My!

That’s my only comment. Try it out, and let me know how it feels. Let me know if you understand what I mean.