Now we know why we are on Earth

20.12.2021 21:17 Sandy Stevenson | Exiting the Matrix2021-12-20-now-we-know

As we know, we are in the process of one of the greatest turn around ever achieved in the Universe. Although we may not have been aware of it, Earth has been controlled by corrupt forces for quite some time. We are now taking the entire planet back to full light. Although this is not simple to achieve, when you consider the control it’s been under for centuries, we are coming out of it surprisingly fast. Yes, I know, we feel it’s not fast enough! But when we grasp the extent of the corruption that has permeated all parts of society from the top down, it is a miracle it can be achieved at all.  

For a long time, some truth has been ridiculed as conspiracy theories and people holding those views were laughed at. But the tide is certainly turning and millions are not laughing anymore!

No area of society has remained untouched by corruption and it has been that way for some time. Following President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, a great team of Lightworkers consisting of Army Generals and others got together with a plan to end this and restore light on Earth. That plan was put into full play when they recruited a man who was willing to expose the corruption. He became the 45th President. From that point, changes were set in motion to change the world by exposing the deep state plans for the suppression of humanity and to start to create an entirely new way to live based in integrity and truth.

The black hats threw everything possible into a continual media onslaught over 4 years to try and blacken that president’s name, desperate to stop the big exposure they could see coming. People addicted to main stream news bought the lies. But many didn’t. Regardless of their dark efforts, nothing was big enough to stop the momentum and the divine destiny of Earth.

We have all been reeling as we discovered the extent of this cover up to ultimately reduce the population of Earth and replace much of it with AI (artificial intelligence). So, how did things become so pervasive? Is humanity really that bad? The answer is no. Man is basically good. It was diverse factors that resulted in our current situation. It will certainly sound like conspiracy theories to people verging on awakening. All I can suggest is you reserve judgement and stay as open as possible and investigate further. The entire scene we are facing probably stemmed from a plan that combined implanted negative consciousness, alien influence, greed, the chemicalization of food and water, chem trails, EMF radiation, blackmail and deliberately engineered negative energy waves hitting Earth.

Although the corruption began way before, the turning point was possible the agreement made in 1953 by some members of Eisenhower’s government (but did not include him), regarding the exchange of ‘off planet’ higher technology for permission to abduct a limited number of humans to obtain their DNA. People were returned back to Earth. You may have heard stories from people who claimed to have been abducted. They probably were! This contract was broken when the abductions exceeded the agreed number and at that point Universal Law was violated.

Regarding the points made ahead, if you are not fully awake and have not yet realised the extent of the corruption, please put your tough hat on! Luckily, Lightworkers are fiercely strong and incredibly resilient (and winning!). Please note there are ALWAYS exceptions and nothing can apply to every executive, every Member of Parliament, every police officer, every judge, etc. There are many good guys out there. In fact, there are many lightworkers strategically placed in all areas, tucked away in all locations and areas of business, in every country, govts, the police force, judicial system, armed forces, medical doctors and nurses, etc.

You will see mention of the term’ black hats’. This was often used in cowboy movies to depict bad people. The term ‘deep state’ refers to the group with the intent to commit crimes against humanity.

And before you sail into apathy when viewing the extent of the corruption ahead, may I point out that this was the position as we went into 2016. Since then huge strides have been made. We are no longer in this position. A great deal of change has occurred since 2018, with major changes to most corrupt systems in 2021. Most changes are not visible to us just yet, as much of the work is done uncover to make sure we can keep flushing out more black hats. It is also a fact that current events are very much creating a huge awakening throughout the world, which is vital. The Light force are now in charge of the planet and wrapping up the business of debunking old systems and will soon launch many new amazing systems that will benefit mankind, including a new internet, media, financial system and new healing technologies, etc.


1. Orphanages, help lines (many), children’s govt. bureaus, child make a wish foundations, child care organizations we thought were doing a good job and happily donating to, were trafficking millions of children world wide.
2. The Justice system throughout the world is almost completely owned by the black hats, from senior Supreme Court judges and main courts throughout the lands, lawyers, some court clerks.
3. The majority of governments – federal, state and local, both parties and many minority parties, world wide, all depts. and registries – governors, Secretary of State, State Legislatures, mayors, clerks, etc.
4. Elections rigging – world government, state and council elections
5. Most charity organizations are covers for child trafficking – for sexual purposes, organ transplants and to attain a product known as Adrenachrome obtained from children, to sustain youth.
6. The police departments of most countries -many corrupt and can be bribed, from the very top down.
7. Pharmaceutical companies executives, senior staff and bio chemists of Pharmaceutical companies and Laboratory testing facilities.
8. The CEO’s and executives of major big business world wide companies.
9. TV, news, newspapers, magazines, TV presenters (not all) and media programmes world wide are owned by just 6 corrupt companies.
10. Food manufacturing and research companies.
11. Social media companies (not Telegram, at this stage).
12. The internet has been run and controlled by satellite by dark forces.
13. Mainstream Advertising.
14. The Church – religion, church facilities, schools – part of child trafficking.
15. Hollywood Directors and most well known actors, actresses and associates.
16. Music industry – ranging from executives to most well known singers
17. Many, many films made in Hollywood over many years have actually depicted the truth being displayed as fiction.
18. Health Ministers and spokespeople for Health departments.
19. Education dept, schools, universities and colleges. School teachers, professors, admin, boards, vendors (textbook content!).
20. Various bodies suppressing the approval of new improved technologies.
21. Medical Doctors, hospitals, science laboratories, medical boards, administrators, insurance, vendors, etc.
22. Govt departments for drug/vitamin approval such as TGA and WHO.
23. Abortion and sub-industries
24. Union bodies of many industries including health vetoing natural products
25. The writers and producers of many children’s TV programmes.
26. The world’s banking system, credit, lending. Incl. USA Federal Reserve.
27. Army base deep underground tunnels, world wide
28. Street drugs
29. Shipping – containers, movement of goods.
30. Power – oil, natural gas and electric
31. Organized crime
32. Satellite and space programmes – weather manipulation. 5G.
32. FBI, CIA, security and crime investigation bodies.
33. Athletics organizations. Olympic Games.

Possibly no area remains untouched. But compared to the 7.7 billion population on Earth, the black hats are a drop in the ocean. As soon as people do not respond to black hats fear tactics and threats, we easily overcome them. Slowly without creating alarm, panic and further dense energy, the light force have taken steps to clear the muddy corrupt swamp.

Two things had to happen to raise the light vibration on Earth

1. The black hats all had to be flushed out. This has taken time to see who was on what side, often only visible when forced to show their hand. It has been imperative to uncover every black hat on Earth holding any position of authority or influence (a huge job) to ensure that they don’t start up again later. It has to be done thoroughly because humanity needs to be free forever. We all need to become ‘street wise’, so we never permit this to happen to us again, wherever we go in the universe.

2. Humanity had to wake, realize what had been going on and demand change. And we need to do that for our own advancement and to release the dense energy from Earth. The plan is to go forward together. We achieve that by helping each other to wake up and stand up against the tyranny unfolding daily.

The pressure is increasing and while this may appear to be a bad thing, when viewed in a different way, we can clearly see it is helping to wake millions as it invades more and more lives. It has not been easy for much of humanity to wake up. Dumbed down consciousness through most of their life, from massive chemicals, drugs, fluoridated water, EMF’s, the onslaught of programmed school and university education and ongoing negative media propaganda doing all it can to avoid positive news and make humanity appear to be bad, racist, murderers and thieves. But slowly, people are waking by the millions every day. They are realizing they are living in a world of control and suppression of freedom. People are at different stages in that awakening; some still heavily asleep and others who have grasped the whole picture. But ultimately, all who are able to, will awaken.

We all have a choice to view this whole scenario on Earth as just something to experience as being hard to get through or see it for what it really is – a big step in our personal evolution to achieve higher levels of wisdom, grace and love, as well as giving a great service to all in the Universe by raising a whole galaxy’s frequency.

The Lightworkers of Earth woke early, as planned, to get on with what we needed to do. We had to expose and dismantle the old world systems. So, we have been giving a great deal of attention to exposing corruption, via any alternative platform available. This is to show people the corruption is rampant all over the world (including their country) and bring humanity to a greater understanding so they demand a better world.

There is always a higher perspective to any event and a Divine Plan has many multi dimensional perspectives. Not everyone is familiar with this and that is fine. We only need to understand the parts of a story that can help our role or assist us make sense of something. Generally, none of us ever need to know everything. If we just follow subjects or information that interests us, we can’t go far wrong.

The Ascension of Earth is a Divine Plan to take Earth to a new frequency of Light by reducing/removing all negative energy and increasing the overall light vibration. We are a multi dimensional Light Force working on many levels, hand in hand with many Cosmic Beings of Light and the Galactic Federation of Worlds. With the advent of Universal Law being broken around 1953, we were able to enlist the intervention of additional Light Forces and have done so. The amount of ‘friends in high places’ who have joined this venture is staggering.

To sum it up, we are winning completely. Basically, we have already won. The light force is now in control. We only now require the rest of the world to wake up to release dense energy as they step into their power. We can view all events on Earth as having that intention. All alien interference is completely gone, not only from Earth but from the galaxy. And don’t worry if you hadn’t realised there was any interference. Many of us had no idea! In fact, there are lots of things we had no idea about. It has been well hidden. The Deep state (Cabal) is finished and they know it. They have been throwing their last remaining control tactics at humanity in a desperate attempt to get them to succumb. It hasn’t worked. Yes, of course, we will see people still conforming, they are still asleep, but millions are not and those millions are waking up more millions every day. The dark force lost the battle. It is over. In fact, they have officially conceded now, in December. They are required now to dismantle their remaining structures and this is taking place. All aspects of their dark plan are now being wrapped up. We will soon start to see a turn around in every area.

Many of us heard about the Photon Belt in the early 90’s and we understood it to be a band of high frequency light that would move into Earths sphere at some point. The photon belt is now due and humanity needs to be within a specific higher vibrational band when it arrives. Any person still holding onto their personal dense energy field will not fare well and is likely to experience some pain and trauma. We have been asking people for 30 years to clear their own dense energy patterns. Anyone who does not manage to raise their light vibration will feel very uncomfortable and will end up having to leave Earth if they cannot change as they will not be able to tolerate the higher frequency.

Where are we now?

There is no dark interference left on Earth including any from inner Earth, space satellites, alien forces, deep state/cabal or underlying negative implants from media brainwashing and satellite beamed negative frequencies. It is all gone! That does not mean it is all going to end immediately. Much of it needs to stay in place because this reduction of freedom and threat of a jab is helping people wake up. As much as we want it to all disappear, there does not seem to be another scenario we could use on Earth at present that could continue the awakening. Yes, we could have a big announcement that tells everyone it was all a dark force plot. But what does that achieve? Does it empower an individual, who is now going to feel stupid at needing to be told and is going to resist believing it anyway because they did not experience that understanding for themselves. When a soul realizes by themselves that something is wrong, something different occurs. They don’t feel stupid or wrong because they saw it for themselves and chose to let go of lies and accept a different truth. This empowers them. It wakes up a spark of consciousness in the soul and triggers a raise of vibration. It sets them on their path to higher frequencies of 5D.

You may have heard the term ‘clones’. There are a number of clones around the world. This was part of the dark force plan to replace humanity. Clones have no soul and are therefore similar to machines, so can be removed without causing harm. In instances where a clone exists of someone who is still alive, the connecting cord can be cut and the clone removed with no harm to the living person. Depending on the person and their role of either working for dark or light will depend on the handling of a possible prison or freedom.

What is left to handle?

1. All that is left to sort out are some straggler black hats who have not yet received the message from their superiors that they lost and have officially conceded defeat and are now dismantling their structures and will be leaving this planet and this galaxy forever, to be escorted via a multi dimensional energy portal to another galaxy, unable to ever interfere again.

2. We need to keep exposing the lies of a 3D world that humanity has known. This will ensure we wake up every individual capable of waking, as soon as possible. They need to let go of 3D illusion. We have a natural instinct to protect children and this will help to wake people up as the web draws around the children. When the dark force mistreatment of millions of children is discovered, the anger raised will cause many to wake up.

3. Keep raising our own energy vibration by not allowing ourselves to lose faith, become despondent or impatient. It may take a little while yet, but will not be forever. Promise. As we raise our light it passes into the collective consciousness and helps everyone on Earth. We also need to stay in our truth, holding firmly to our stance, help whenever it feels right and don’t let our egos decide to judge or make people wrong for the choices they make (even the dark force!). Trust that the Light has it all in hand. We really do know what we are doing, even if sometimes it doesn’t look like it!


Love and Blessings in Light,

Sandy Stevenson
18th December 2021