How to Receive A Miracle

Channelled by Michelle Fielding

A Miracle is that point in the energy field where everything is aligned with peace, and it’s totally surrendered to the flow of God. When we surrender, we remove ego, which hinders, and we replace it with Love, which helps things flow.

Where there is a flow, there is surrender. Where there is surrender, there is unconditional Love. In the presence of unconditional Love, there are angels, and in the moment of Divine Alchemy, there can now be the existence of a miracle.

A miracle is an event that, from a human perspective, might seem impossible with the blocks and the circumstances in its path. When we raise our consciousness to surrender to peace and to Love, we lift any thoughts about manifestation up and over any seeming earthly paradigm. From the higher perspective, there is no time, no boundaries and no limitations; the energies just flow with the Divine harmonic.

When that harmonic matches the vibration on your heart, then this is the moment a Miracle is drawn to you. To match the Divine harmonics, be on your peace, be in the flow, surrender with Love. In the presence of a peaceful, surrendered heart, miracles can and do happen.