Love of Self is the Essential “missing link” in Manifesting

Master Creation

Your thoughts and dreams need to be impregnated of this Love which is the greatest Love of all. Your desires are to be soaked in Love of Self.

You affirm the Power of One; loving yourself is loving God and the entire cosmos because it is You. We are One. Love of Self is your Power of creation’s missing link. Love of Self is fundamental for manifesting. Love of Self is the first Love. It is necessary to have everything you want.

We indulge in self-loading and self-criticism, false humility, thinking it noble and righteous; it is not. By not recognising that we are Perfect Divine Beings, we deny our true nature; we deny the nature of Love, because we come from Divine Energy; Source Created us as extensions of herself. Every creation of Love is perfect. We are created Love; We are Love. It is Love’s Spirit in us who we really are. Our Higher Self. Our Soul. Eternal Light.

All parts of One are Equal

Love of Self is the Power of One in action. The greatest Power in the cosmos. Your higher Self is One with ALL. Your higher Self is your true Self is who you are. We are Love. That’s why when you connect with your higher Self, you have the Angelic Legions of the Universe at your service. Because We are One with them.

I know I have lived most of my life until now without loving myself. I’ve been getting better at it over the years, but I only realised the significance of this yesterday!

Love of Self is Essential in manifesting

There is no way I can be a Master at Manifesting until I Master Love of Self.

Do I ever even do as little as considering to treat myself exactly as delightfully as I treat my favourite person in the world. Not quite! Do you?

Many times I allow myself a long hot bath with essential oilsp; and I also shop. I shop for anything I want mostly all the time and at any given time.

But how about cherishing beautiful thoughts about me now and then. Why not most of the time?

How about smiling at me with Love and delight for the things I say, think, dream, and believe, or just because I AM. How about always being kind in word and action to myself. Being patient with me. Always protect my heart and mind, always trusting myself, always persevering in kindness towards me and never failing me.

“Love is patient, Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

For me, the beginning of Love of Self is Peace and Joy

I’m going to start from now on looking at myself through the lens of 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8. Always protect me, always trust me, always hope, always persevere with my desires. Know that I, Love, never fail.

Even as I write these words, I have the slight (passing) tendency to feel undeserving of so much of my Love. I can’t help but think that I don’t want to be egocentric or self-absorbed.

Yet, I’m aware that those are not thoughts from my inner knowing; they don’t come from my heart. They are in my head; that type of wrong thinking was implanted there, without my permission by the powers that were.

I don’t want to be egocentric or self-absorbed, true, but that has nothing to do with Love of Self. The ego will always keep you critical of yourself and self-absorb with doubt. Love is our nature. Easy, peaceful, joyful, exciting, flowing, expanding, sharing, giving, receiving, freely vibrating at the highest, making you a magnet for All things Love.

I want to manifest my desires; Love of Self comes first. I want to step in my power, the Power of One, the Power of Creation, Love of Self comes first. I want to glorify Love and Love’s Creation; Love of Self comes first I’m grateful, I’m Love’s creation, and a part of Love, yet I am as Love is so are you

We must relinquish our addiction to fear and limitation. Love of Self is the Key to the Power we hold within the power of creation.

For me, Love of Self begins with being at peace. Knowing that I can be and I AM at, in, with peace, always at all times no matter what is happening around me I deserve peace. I will be kind to myself and allow myself to seek inner peace.

Peace is more important than anything conflicting me or bothering me. I can choose to be at peace and I do so because I choose to love myself more deeply, to honour me like my Creator honours me and I accept all that is given because I AM all that is given.

This follows by being joyful, allowing joy at all times because I want to, and I do. I like to laugh, and to be happy; is the best state of being, and I want that for me. I don’t need to have a specific reason to be in joy. No need to wait. Happiness is being a peace. Joy is within and we can connect with joy at anytime, that we wish. That we choose, that we prefer.

Sometimes we prefer to be critical and angry. We choose to judge. We ignore the connection with our hearts and with Trust. This is the hard way, hard and miserable. We have been duped into believing we don’t have a choice.

We can choose joy anytime we wish. If and when we want we can start with forgiving everything/everyone that bothers you in your life.You might say… “oh but, that’s too much I don’t want to forgive everything!” My answer would be “I absolutely get it”.

But forgiving gives you inner peace, it frees you. What do you want the most? Not to forgive or to gain inner peace? It’s your choice.

Once you choose forgiveness, you are not alone you have all the help you need. Inner peace begins to set in and you begin to experience the real You. Love. Now you can easily connect with all of Love’s attributes, such as Joy.

The tendency was always to believe that peace and joy must be provided by something or someone else outside myself. But I’ve realised a few things in this regard…

First, peace and joy aren’t there.

Second, there’s no way I want to depend on the outside world for these two very important states of being which I wish to access at any time. The fact that they are states of being and not “objects” is very telling. How can I find a desired state of being outside of myself.

The problem is that we have been brainwashed into believing that “objects” house, car, clothes bring with enclosed such things as peace, joy, love etc. What we actually want is to experience joy, love, peace, freedom, that is a within job.

Third, I have noticed that I can choose to be at peace like a Queen can command not to be disturbed by anything or anyone because she says so. I can choose joy, or simply choose to keep my spirits well up lifted and high because it is good for me! In the same way that I apply night cream at night because it’s good for me.

What I choose is my choice. I can choose.

Forth, I’ve also noticed that when I don’t allow myself to be in peace and/or joy one of these two are happening,

1. I’m exploring feelings that need to be transmuted, eg: I’m angry and in pain about a specific trauma, and quite frankly I don’t want to stop being angry… until I do. This is valid. We all have stuff to transmute.

2. I’m self punishing myself because I feel guilty and ashamed about not being in peace and in joy. This Ridiculous and self-defeating, Lol.

Peace and Joy are the beginning of Self-Love for me. What is it for you?

We are One. 

Inspired by The New Scriptures, the words of Yeshua ben Joseph/ Sananda. The one you know as Jesus.