Division is Not Real

It’s an illusion deliberately created to manipulate and control you.

Men against women
Muslim against Christian
blacks against whites
and on and on and on.

It’s all an illusion.
You see it in the news, you watch it in Hollywood, and you read it in the papers. That’s it!

They have created “your perception” of the reality, your perception. Think about it.

Shouldn’t you conceive your own perception of reality based on what you know is true?

Are you happy with the one that’s has been preconceived by others, and now you are adopting as yours?

Have you noticed where you first got all these “division” ideas from?
The News, Hollywood, Politicians.
You are then brainwashed into believing it is all real and into thinking that you agree. Then you are instigated into perpetuating it; thus, you become a co-creator of the illusion these external forces have pre-made for you.

Your mind is ONE; your Consciousness is ONE. We are One. Division is not real.


The only TRUTH there’s is that ALL is Love.
Whatever goes against this truth is not REAL. It’s a mere illusion.

We are Creator Beings. We are very good at creating anything; we are masters at creating illusions that align with our thoughts and feelings.

Think and feel positive. Let you be driven by your true self: Love.
Fear is the best emotion to create all sorts of real negative illusions.
Anything negative you create is real for you because you are the king/queen of your life. But it doesn’t exist in the Universe at a cosmic level.

You are Love, you are perfect, you are divine, and that is the only TRUTH you are eternal, infinite source. You are One with God.

We are One.