Love Always Honours You

Love always honors you and will not demand your attention, but will always respond to your invitation instantly! Maybe you have often relaxed into that sacred inner space and have never felt the Love, and thus have felt alone, unseen. Whereupon your egos tell you that you were silly to expect to feel anything because you are, of course, totally unworthy of God’s Love or attention.

Go within to your holy inner sanctuaries – every one has their own holy inner space – at least once daily; and you don’t have to spend a fixed time there, just a moment will do, to rest, relax, take a break from your daily activities, meditate, or contemplate God’s Love for you, and while there make a point of opening your hearts and inviting Love to enter. Love/God/Source is always there awaiting your invitation to join with you in Union and harmony.

This thought or belief is completely invalid – Let it go!

Source: Saul through John: Separation from the divine Presence is impossible!