Where is your Favourite Imaginary Place?

Where do you go to be in the presence of your soul?

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

“In the centre of the temple, there was a beautiful gleaming violet velvet throne. It had amethyst and rose quartz gemstones embedded around the edges” —Invisible Colours

As a young teenager, I became acquainted with all things turning Dreams into Reality.

I was deepening my knowledge of themes involving natural medicine with herbs and plants, yoga and meditation, gemstones and their power, communication with angels, knowledge of fairies and other natural beings and beings of light. Aromatherapy, Bach Flower remedies, reflexology and more.

When I started to practice meditation, I decided that I needed a place to go and meditate which I would love. A beautiful and magic place, where I could feel safe, calm and inspired. A place where I would go and be with and listen to my higher self.

Such a place didn’t exist. Around the time I was a student living in London in the space of 10 years I moved houses 13 times.

Therefore I created Purple Temple

A sacred palace I built inside of me, imagining every stone, and accounting for every detail.

It’s purple, as it is my favourite colour — the walls are made of shiny marble and glass. It has beautiful butterflies of all size and colours flying around. Sound from nature can always be heard in Temple Purple. The air is infused with aromatic essences. Sometimes is a mix of rose, lavender and jasmine. Other times it is cinnamon, sandalwood and vanilla.

In every corner, low or high, there are sculptures of cherubs that move when I look at them. They change the direction of their glances and the expression on their faces.

There is a soft melody that plays continuously. Sometimes it resembles the voice of angels, sometimes it is beautiful classical music, and other times it is the sound of the dreamiest Pop/electronic music.

There’s a fountain that is always flowing with refreshing water, and there is a lake right in the middle of the temple.

Finally, there is the throne.

She, my higher self, is always sitting on the throne. Each time I go to Temple Purple, I approached the throne, I acknowledged Her, Me and Sit there too.

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