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Cancel a Fine / Tax / Licence

We have letters to help you out in many situations, Council tax, tv licence, parkinging fines, forced mask wearing, forced testing, forced vaccination.

Please use whatever template you require. You can fill in the forms or just press print for a blank copy.

There is no charge for this, but if you want to make a small donation to keep this site going so others can do the same we really would appreciate it. Don’t ever say you are not paying, by doing that you admit there is a debt to pay, so play them at their own game and ask them to prove the debt and the act even exists.

We are not questioning their authority to give out fines etc, we are denying it completely.

Extract from a sworn affidavit won in Court

It is now confirmed Formally, on and for the Record as of this Day the 20thDay of March 2015 Agreed by the State and the Crown By way of un-rebutted Affidavit and statement of Fact and that there is a lasting tacit and binding agreement through Acquiescence and Royal Assent by Default. That all imposed Taxation and Duty is and always has been not only a criminal offence but is also detrimental to all the people of this planet. 

A licence is a permission to undertake an action that would otherwise be illegal. HP Parliaments and Governments PLC clearly do not have the legal Authority to issue any form of licence without the legal and physically presentable signed in wet ink consent of the governed. Also. HM. Parliaments and Governments PLC do not have the legal authority to determine that an action is illegal without the legal and signed consent of the governed physically on and for the public record. There is no physical record of the fact. 63.5 million People have not signed the consent of the governed.

My rights end where your rights begin. Your rights end where my rights begin. Rights are not granted by government or the crown and they cannot be taken away or violated by government or the crown. A Judge does not have the right to trespass on my property so the judge cannot give a Bailiff or a civil enforcement officer or a policeman the right by means of a warrant or an order because the Judge, who is a company servant by default, does not have that authority unless I agree. A public servant is a servant by default with the status of servant and a servant has no authority above the one who grants that authority. Until the Judge can present the agreement or the consent of the governed then the Judge has no authority to grant a warrant or a court order. Exhibit Case Authority WI-05257F. David Ward V Warrington Borough Council. 30thday of May 2013. Also Exhibit (C) The Material evidence of the FACTS. These are the facts. The material evidence of these facts has been provided.

Download full Affidavit here