Do not Harm another Human Being. Do not cause damage to another’s property. Do not commit fraud against another Human.

That is the LAW. That sums the Law.

The Law of God. The Law of the land.

By God’s design and God’s will, the Law of God is the ONLY Law I AM Bound.  

Not Marital Law: “I DO NOT Consent”

Not Contract Law: “I DO NOT Consent”

God made me Free. Nobody can ever take from me what God has given me and how God has made me. 

No man in government can or will ever tell what to do ever again.

Especially not now that I know that I’d been “conned into slavery” all my life, as was my mother all her life.

This planet is Mine as much as it is yours and as much as it is the human’s in government. No one but GOD will dictate what I do in this planet ever again.

They stole EVERYTHING from from my family. Everything. making us believe that we had to give them EVERYTHING. That I was Compulsory. Lies!

No more! 

Anyone thinking of Forcing contract or marital Law on me needs to know two things.

  1. It’s Unlawful, that will cause me harm. It is a criminal offence as I do not consent.
  2. They will have to kill first.

I’d much gladly die standing and defending what God has given me to keep than live on my knees as if I was a bloody slave. No more. 

Enough is enough when it is enough. Let that be clear.

Their Time is Up!

Withdrawal of Consent Effective Immediately