Became Wealthy in an Instant

This principle helps you understand Law of Attraction 

Photo by Daniel Salcius on Unsplash

“The change begins within oneself with willingness, belief and knowing. From within all manners of wealth and well-being manifest” — The Love Theory

It’s is all about your inner being.

How do you feel?

You can choose your feelings. You can feel whatever you want.

Feelings are as “real” as it gets. When you feel something, you are sending a signal to the source field of creation. Whatever you think: must be.

Tune into the wealth vibrational sequence like it was a radio station; This is what self-made rich, successful people do. They dream their way into wealth and success, with the power of their thoughts. The power of their thoughts is to think and feel they are wealthy, regardless of what “reality” currently looks like. The important thing is how they feel, what they believe and what they think repeatedly.

It’s hard to do yes but only, because of all the barriers and blockages, we have learnt to carry.

But it’s a straightforward process. We need to accept how simple it is.

Start to feel wealthy now.

Close your eyes, and see the wealthy pictures of your life. Involve all your senses and your entire being in the observation of your wealth. Could you do it for at least 17 seconds? Do it often. Perhaps every morning, as you are waking up. Create. Feel your desires into reality, intentionally.

Your creation will manifest in your life; This is what we humans do. This is our super power. This is what we are here for; to create to our hearts content. This is what we decided to do when we came forth to live in this physical experience: to be creators of our reality. This is what we do best. We Create because we are made in the image and likeness of the Creator.

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