The Abuser often Blames the Abused of Abusing

UK Secondary School Parents Enquiry update

Read the people’s letter to the Governors to learn how this started.

Read their response to the letter above and what I replied to their response.

Following is their response to our last letter in which we demand 

  1. An answer to our questions formulated in our letter, a response to our enquiry.
  2. Proof that justifies the harmful measures the Headteacher is inflicting on our children at school, including the enforcement of oxygen deprivation.

What a bunch of CRIMINALS, their letter is embarrassing, to put it nicely!

They are corrupt, they know it, and they like to show it

They don’t realise that their corruption is being exposed left, right and centre, so they keep at it, grasping at their con artists’ game.

Corrupt: Threatening me with police action for asking a headteacher questions about breaching parental consent and the financial remuneration she obtained due to breaching that parental consent.

I do not consent to this corruption.

Corrupt: She is lying to my face about my message. Calling it “targeted abuse”. When it is not.

She also lets me know how she has lied to the “police” about my message and told them that it is “targeted abuse” This is unlawful. Because it’s fraudulent. Making false accusations against a human being.

I do not consent to this corrupt person interfering in my life affairs.

Corrupt: She is a civil servant who forbids me, a public member, to communicate with a public servant who happens to be the Headteacher at my children’s school.

  1. Under what authority does she do that, who or what gives her power to forbid me a living, breathing human being to do or not to do anything?
  2. How will the state be kept accountable if civil servants prohibit the public from contacting public servants?

In all their literature, I see nothing regarding our children’s right and biological need to breath 100% pure air at all times as free-living and breathing human beings. No one can force them not to live adequately. 

I guess they don’t care about that point which is the only thing we, the parents, care about our children. 

They do care deeply about the Headteacher’s mental health, and they have “reported” me to the “police” for asking questions and for upsetting her with our questions.

How about the mental health of 1000 + healthy children under her watch who are forced to act as if they were infectious, and she is inflicting with oxygen deficiency by forced oxygen deprivation?

Nah. They don’t seem to care about the children’s mental health in the slightest health as much.

Does anyone else see what we see?

We see a headteacher telling parents who have questions about her actions to go away and never contact her again or else… with the full support of the LA and the Governors.

Note: The Governors are supposed to be an independent body overseeing the Headteacher as critical friends, holding her to account instead of in bed with the council as they clearly are. 

I do not consent. Statutory legislation fails by design.

I used to wonder why parents are so afraid to speak up to the headteachers and LA. Now I know that it’s designed that way.

They manufacture Fear, and they are good at it. Hundreds of years craftily involved in developing the art of mass fraud against the people. They are masters of deceit.

LA. ? Hah! More deceit!

For starters, they have authority over no one unless one consents. They like to assume you consent, to everything they please, as per their deceitful language and methods. I want to remind them that I do not consent.

I stand under common law. I’m a FREE lawful Sovereign Living Breathing Human Being I owe nothing to no one. No one in this planet has any authority over me. Only God!

and surely that Sal person is not God. Not even close. The state is not God not even close. It’s a creation of man. No creation of man/woman has authority over man/woman.

My response to these three criminals fraudulent, malicious, threatening, uneducated and laughable letter:

We need to take all these criminals to court One by One if need be! They need to answer for their crimes.

Enough is Enough when is Enough!