Raise your Vibrations – Watch an uplifting film

Lose yourself in the moving image experience.

Get fully involved, and dive deep into it, letting your emotions, senses and imagination run wild with sheer enjoyment.

Dream while you watch your favourite, most uplifting movie. Think of the great potential of the story, how it applies to your desires. Become your favourite character and ride on the adventure together with them.

Getting fully involved in an activity that lets you forget your present life for a few hours is a perfect way of managing stress. Lightening up and looking at life more positively. 

Give yourself permission to disconnect from “reality” and enjoy a new world where you can acquire “new thoughts” and thus create a more desirable new reality for yourself with unlimited potential through the essence of love and the power of dreams. 

When you carefreely dive into an experience that is thought and designed for enjoyment alone, you connect with your inner child. The part of you that is filled with innate joy and laughter.

The “I’m happy because I am” part of you.

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