Raise your Vibrations – Think of Your Favourite Baby

Think of your favourite baby right now. How does that feel?

Babies are 100% pure. Free of burdens or fear. Babies are trusting because they know they are being looked after. They can feel the source of love energy that surrounds them. They have just arrived from being light, spirit, power of creation. A baby comes as a perfect and new expression of universal consciousness: God.

A way to quickly raise your vibrations is to think of your favourite baby, blend in with their static with joy vibration, and enjoy those thoughts and memories. If you have a baby or even know a baby in your family or one of your friends has one, spend time with them and let yourself be enveloped in their joy and pure positive energy.

My favourite babies are three. Two of them are my boys. They are now teens, not babies anymore, but and they are a significant factor in keeping my vibrations high since they were born and continually. 

The smile of a baby fills us with immense, infinite, magic joy. And the laughter of a baby is just the purest, most divine, resounding sound in the Universe.

By just thinking of how much fun it is to be their mum and what wonderful young men they are turning out to be, my vibrations skyrocket; the great conversations we have, all the laughter in our life, our dreams, beliefs. Our growth and progress together. It’s wonderful. When I need to feel truly blessed, all I need to do is think of my children. 

However, on days in which I want to raise my vibrations to the total max, all I need to do is think of my favourite babies, search my memories or look at their baby pics for a while and then enjoy the feeling of pure love and joy that they produce in me.

My third favourite baby is Isabella Müller. My 18 months old little niece, my sister’s baby girl. She lives in Germany, and due to the current Scamdemic, we haven’t met her yet. We were going to in March 2020.

However, I only need to get online and spend time with Isabella, and the joy and love I feel are indescribable. Pure, genuine, honest, glorious.

Do you have a baby you can see or think of? If you don’t have a favourite baby, why not enjoying the cutest baby videos on YouTube stories?

Babies’ energy makes me feel that all is well, that we are magic, gifted, precious, and the pure light of creation.

Why are babies so wise?

Babies teach us very wisely what life is all about: Being happy. Asking for whatever you need when you need it with the absolute certainty that you will get it.

Babies are Divine

Babies are Divine because they the perfect, uncorrupted version of source energy’s most precious creation: Human beings.

Babies are full of light.

They are full of light with unfiltered joy, faith, trust, love, pure energy full of unlimited potential. Babies know this, and they are full of love for life. Always super excited about each new experience presented each new day. Play, laughter, discovery, wonder, growth, and love are a babies’ mantra, and they can be our mantra. A baby’s joy is contagious.

The laughter of a baby is the sound of the Universe’s unlimited potential for well-being, abundance, creativity and growth.

Babies are so close to source creation that in them and for them, there is no difference between the spirit world of the soul’s universal consciousness and the world of the physical body confined in time and space. We belong to both. Babies don’t see or feel a difference between the two.

Babies help raise our vibrations at a fundamental level; they keep our planet’s frequency high with their love of life and unlimited creative power, and pure energy.