How not to Go Missing from Your Dreams

No one else will notice if you go missing from your dreams. Sometimes not even you.

“A wave of emotions swamped me in the fashion of a furious tempest. My whole being drowned in sorrow. It was the sadness that you feel when you realise that you have been missing from your life” — The Nameless

It’s incredibly easy to go missing from your dreams, from your visions and desires, true hopes and aspirations. You know you are missing when you are not happy or when you are indifferent about your hapiness and about fulfilling your life’s purpose.

How to avoid going missing from your Dreams.

Appreciate Everything

Doing this brings instant joy. The vibration of joy brings more things to be joyful for.

There are many ways one can go missing from truly living one of them is when we don’t allow ourselves to appreciate our precious moments and our precious people and other precious beings from the heart.

Enjoy! Allow joy. Be in joy whenever you feel like it.

I appreciate the Sun which is free and requires no effort in my part to raise every morning. If I had to pay for it or work for it, how would I manage? How would I cover the cost having the Sun raise every morning ? What would be the price?

I appreciate the sea waves touching my feet at the seashore. The trees which provide me and my family with shadow and oxygen, requiring no work from us whatsoever.

I appreciate flowers, they are an infinity of colour and essence. It pleases me to think that there is absolutely nothing I can do to compensate for the abundance in flowers and yet I’m in every flower and every flower in me says my Love. It is True.

Abundance is inherently mine.

Self- Love

Another very effective way to go missing from your dreams is not loving yourself. When you don’t care to be kind to you. Not freely allowing you whatever pleases you.

Life is supposed to be fun, all the time. Not just a bit of fun here and there sometimes. When you are living the highest expression of who you are; when you are fulfilling your purpose, fulfilling your dreams, creating what you are here to create.

We need to be untouchably confident about our purpose. We need to be unbeatably forceful in our mission. The central part of the mission is Joy.

What do you like to do that makes you happy? Do more and more of that.