Don’t Be a Fool Demand Proof

Their Response to my Letter

Dear Headteacher,

In response to your letter via the council,

First of all, we see that you persist in lying to trusting parents and carers, telling them that their children’s idiotic, frantic mass testing keeps the school safe. This is a lie. If it is not a lie, we demand proof of your claims before the trial starts or at Court if it suits you best. Lies like this, in a time when psychological warfare is being perpetrated against humanity will not go unpunished by common Law. We need conclusive and irrefutable evidence for all your claims and mandates against our children at school.

Please Note that the excuse “I was only following orders” is no longer valid at the Nuremberg Trials.

We demand the school be a place of learning and education. As opposed to a place of medical dictatorship and enforcing tyranny making children wear harmful medical devices with no risk assessment provided and no informed consent possible. The school needs to stop being a mass mind control indoctrination Center that cripples our children by removing the use of common sense and critical thinking or a place utilised for the purposes of evil recruitment with our school children as the target of the evil recruitment efforts.

You continue to fail to inform parents and carers of the dangers of masking their children and tge idiotic frantic testing with toxic- and -full -of -parasites -swabs.

Let us remind you that your duty is to our children and not the self-serving psychopaths currently in government (not for long).

My letter dated 19th March was addressed to the Governors, and not your friends at the council. How corrupt of you, to block our communication with the school governors and step in to try to silence us by ignoring our questions.

It is time you, civil servants, stopped treating us civilians, who are free sovereign human beings as if we were idiots who are thought to be happily complying with being enslaved, falsely indoctrinated, oppressed, abused, made ill and killed.

None of the questions we formulated has been answered.

We take this as a refusal to provide us with the information we have a right to. Especially when it regards money made out of our children and by putting their health at risk with idiotic masking and criminal testing. You are required to publish the amounts of money you are cashing by making other people’s children comply to current insanity, which will not go unpunished.

You needed to state the source of funding and the conditions for financing in all instances. You are required to display proof, and show evidence of our children benefiting from the amounts of money you are receiving out of the hysteria.

Your (the council’s) reply contains zero information about the money you are making by testing and masking our children and the money you made selling our emails to the CIA’s contractor, The Oracle, for direct access to our children for recruitment purposes linked to a dubious cloud monitoring contract.

These questions will have to be answered in Court in any case.

We will proceed with our Private Criminal Prosecution against you, Mrs Headteacher if you continue to force oxygen deprivation on over 1000 children. We will also present evidence against you at the Nuremberg trials.

As for the person at the council you got to reply to us, their opinion was not required.

My conversation was with the Governors about the headteacher. I’m a parent, and I have the right to communicate with the “independent” body of volunteers of School Overseers who are critical friends whose job is to hold the headteacher to account and not to try and join in the corruption.

The headteacher is knowingly putting hundreds of children’s health at risk, masking them and forcing them to frantic testing with toxic -and -full -of-parasites -devices.

You must disclose the amounts of monies you have cashed in out of our children due to the biggest scam ever perpetrated on humanity.

You owe total transparency to our community.

You must tell us how much you and Mr School Business Manager have gotten out testing our children with toxic devices and out of rationing our children’s oxygen intake. It is our right to know how much money you are making in the name of educating our children in a public establishment paid by us, the people.

We do not consent to what you are doing to our children.

We demand to know the exact figures on the paycheque given out to you in exchange of enforcing the dangerous child abusive draconian measures you are perpetrating on our children.

You are responsible for breaching over 1000 parents rights to informed consent in the use of medical devices (masks).

Given all evidence we provided to illustrate that what you are doing puts our children in danger, physically, mentally and emotionally, it is evident to all of us that you don’t care about our children’s health, rights and wellbeing as much as you care for the money you are getting to enforce these draconian, dangerous and unlawful measures.

To force harm upon another human being is against the Law. The only Law that stands is common Law, the Law of the Land. The Law of God.

This current evil statutory guidance which requires consent is not Law and indeed not of God.

You are making it worse when the harm is perpetrated against children.

Mrs Headteacher, you shouldn’t be in this line of business. There is plenty of business you can go on for the money.

This business, the business of children, demands a sincere caring heart that looks out for the children’s best interest at all times and deeply cares for the children and not your career.


Re. “Your latest email stating that the idiot frantic testing with toxic devices is keeping the school safe (link) (you will be required to present evidence of this claim in Court).

If I wanted to learn more about your “narrative”, I would turn on the BBC. No thanks! That official narrative is FALSE, and most of us already know this.

If not, if I’m wrong, I demand you, Mrs Headteacher, prove me wrong.

You must prove the following:

1. A deadly virus that has been classed as highly dangerous (deadly) by the WHO identified as the virus that produces the “famous” disease exists, and it has been isolated and is not just as bad as the common cold. We demand scientific proof.

2. The PCR test positive results used as the excuse for lockdowns are accurate and undeniably truthful. All the positive results claimed are accurate, justifying the draconian measures adopted by the psychopaths in government which you, and no one else but you, are enforcing on our children .

3. You must prove that asymptomatic infection/transmission exists and is possible and measurable, and you have proof it has happened before and continues to happen now. You are implying that a human is capable of transmitting a deadly Virus to another Human by breathing. Ludicrous! When did people become so ignorant and so easily deceived? Show us proof now, Mrs Woodfin.

4. That all the “scam virus” deaths reported by Public Health England are indeed casualties produced by the “famous bug”. The NHS falsified not even one death certificate to inflate these deaths. All while hospitals were cashing in thousands of pounds per each fraudulent case/death certificate. I hope you have proof to deny this, Mrs Woodfin. The government hasn’t.

5. You must prove that the self- suffocating devices mandated by you at the school save lives and are not harmful at all. I hope you have an irrefutable proof for this point. Because if you are knowingly inflicting harm on our children, God help you in the court of Justice.

6. You must prove that our children aren’t at risk of trauma and the harmful physical consequences from continued restricted breathing, rationed oxygen intake and idiotic frantic testing to healthy children.

Prove it!

I advise you to prove all these points now, or you will have to prove them in Court.

We know you can’t prove any of this. No government on the planet has proof of any of this. We, the people, have evidence of the very opposite to your claims in all instances.

However, we are going to allow you to get ahead of all the governments in the world and give you an opportunity to

PROVE IT before we take you to court.

Show us PROOF Mrs Headteacher, don’t take us for a “fool” expecting us to believe idiotic insanity imposed by psychopaths without proof. As if we were supposed to believe in witchcraft and ignorant superstition! A delusional smokescreen, with zero backing evidence of any kind. A particularly evil brainwashing program served us via tell-lie-vision. It is an illusion created to degrade human beings and make tons of money, billions, and even trillions while at it! Please tell us what’s the difference between your story and that told the the “Emperor about his New Clothes”?

Stop taking us for, an idiot, please!

Anyone taking part in this evil money-making scam will have to answer in Court.

This letter will be used as further evidence against you. You are in full knowledge of your actions against our our children and the consequences of such actions against our children. You are lying to parents claiming things that aren’t true and you have 0 evidence to back up any of your claims, that we know of.

Stop taking us for, an idiot, please!

Anyone taking part in this evil money-making scam will have to answer in Court.

Your claims:

Let the children be