Become a Vibrational Match to your Desires

Use your Higher Self to Guide You

Master Instant Manifesting

Whenever I want instant manifest, I do this:

I ask my subconscious mind how would it feel to have whatever it is I want to instantly manifest. The answer comes to me immediately and precisely. That is the job of the subconscious mind she must give me the answer because it’s her nature to provide me with the answers to my questions promptly and accurately.

The answer comes in the form of intense feelings and emotions, exactly the feelings I’ve asked to feel. I’m feeling how it feels to have what I want now. I’m feeling it in no different way than I would when seeing and touching what I want to manifest.

Then instant manifesting happens. My subconscious mind believes that what I desire is here. My feelings are irrefutable proof. My whole body believes it too, and it starts producing physical reactions and the chemicals that exist due to having the object of my desire — joy, satisfaction, ease, relaxation, peace, thrill.

The vibrational message I send out to source creation, the Universe is an exact match to what I want to manifest. The Universe then, obediently, deliverers the material form of that which I already have. It is Law. The Law of Attraction.

I already have what I want in those feeling moments and for as long as I keep the feeling. Because it is the feeling that I want as a matter of fact. I wouldn’t want to have Purple Tesla Model 3 if it made me feel awful. It’s the great feeling of driving that fantastic car that I’m after and that is exactly what I am experiencing.

The mistake many people make is telling the Universe (as soon as one forgets the exercise) that they don’t have it anymore, by projecting feelings of fear doubt and frustration about the object of their desire. The Universe then waits until they make up our minds. Do we have it or do we not. The Universe wonders. It’s whatever you say. The Universe serves.

I hold the feelings I asked to feel with unwavering faith.

I don’t need to think hard straining my brain with super concentration powers. I only need to ask my subconscious mind to show me how it feels like to have my desire, and I ask as many times as I want. Meanwhile, the divine source is finding the “perfect way” to deliver the purple beauty to my doorstep.

I don’t know what the perfect way is. I don’t need to know. That’s fine with me. Nice and easy, less work. As long as my vibrations are a match to my Purple Tesla Model 3, my beautiful car will find its way to my parking space. As long as I keep in the “knowing” and “expecting” I will be inspired to take the necessary action towards the path of least resistance for the fulfilment of my dreams.

I can feel it.

Can you? Try it!

It’s only a matter of time before it materialises. The moment your subconscious mind and your body have physical evidence that what you want is yours, then it is yours.

Try this with health, relationships, work, success, abundance and anything you fancy instantly.

Feel your Desires into Existence

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