Powerful Creative Visualisation for Abundance

What is Abundance?

When I think about “abundance”, the first thing that comes to mind is money, loads of it. Luxury. Plenty of everything and great comfort followed by love and laughter, carefree enjoyment of life, followed by a large circle of friends and family living happily fulfilled lives together.

However, when I think more profoundly, I believe abundance is being happy with what I am and what I do. Most importantly:

To do whatever I want every day of my life.

I know that I don’t need to be happy all the time, but when I’m genuinely in a mindset of abundance, I live with balance, hopefulness, and I feel I have unlimited possibilities.

Our true Nature is to be at peace. The Natural flow of the Universe is Abundance.

Abundance comes from within.

Abundance for me is a way of thinking a way of being a way of living, even when you have less money, love, or support than you would like. Right now for instance, abundance is the all encompassing great sense of freedom I have. I am a sovereign free being. I can do exactly what I want. I can be who I am uncompromisingly, unapologetically. No one in this planet has any authority whatsoever over me. No one. No one can make me do anything that I don’t want to do.

That my friend, is abundance in my books.

Abundance is a State of Mind. My most precious state of being is peace.

I want the money and the wildest success possible yes! Comfort and luxury all the way! Absoluteley!

Life is continuously changing as it is the natural flow of all things. But regardless of what happens in the outside, the only important thing is what happens within me. And I am 100% in control of that.

What happens inside of me I can choose, and I choose to choose. I choose more intentionally, more precisely, more consistently every day. I remind myself to choose always. It is an exercise of discipline.

When I learnt that by consciously choosing what happens within me, I can choose what happens outside of me all around me that I can create my world exactly how I want it then I knew that not even the sky is the limit for my creations.

This is one of my methods creative visualisation for abundance; you might have heard of it before:

Creative Visualisation Steps

1. Be willing to believe that you have the power to create the conditions you desire in your life

You don’t need to be a super manifesting guru to belief you can create the life you want to see. Simply recall any time in your life when you decided to do something, and you did it — any time you created something from scratch. Maybe a drawing, you cooked meal. Anytime you thought of a friend, and they called you, or you bumped into them.

Think of anything that didn’t exist before you thought of it and it’s there now because you decided so. There might be a big difference between cooking a meal and earning one million dollars, for you and me yes. But not for the Universe, not for the source. As far as the Source of all Creation is concerned, you are as equally capable of producing a meal or a million dollars “if you choose so” The fact is that we are always manifesting even when we don’t realise we are.

The Universe doesn’t care if you are manifesting on purpose or by accident. To create the life you want, you need to be intentional. When you are working, learning, planing etc. remember to remember that you are creating the life you desire there and then with your thoughts and emotions.

2. Choose your affirmation

When the thought of what you want to achieve produces feelings of doubt, fear or disbelief work on the affirmation. Keep reframing your declaration until it feels truthful and achievable. Keep soothing yourself until you feel right about your statement. For instance if “I’m going to make 10 Million dollars over the next year” if it feels awkward change it to “I’m open to receiving large amounts of money in unexpected ways.” for example. Modify your affirmations until they feel right. Then infuse those with deep emotions and you are on your way.

3. Sit to Visualise

Whatever abundance you desire, sit and visualise the result. What are you doing with the money? How are you enjoying your freedom? How does it feel to have it all? Who is with you enjoying the beautiful adventures? Visualise with great detail. Visualise the happiness and the joy your creation brings.

Don’t think about the ways and the hows please. Just as a craftsman first sees his work completed in his head or an artist in his dreams. See the end result as often as you can.

Not letting the “hows” worry me is a big one for me. But practice makes perfect.

4. Let your visualisation become your feelings in meditation

It is essential to become emotionally involved. Connect with the new reality you are crafting and creating. Feel it as much as you possibly can.

5. Make sure you “see” the results

When you see that your creations has manifested point them out with your index finger and loudly say: aha! There it is THANK YOU ( huge exclamation mark).

Many times the results start with a seed: A feeling of bliss. Goosebumps. A smile. A sudden breeze. The scent of love. A deep sense of trust and confidence. A brilliant tiny idea. A glorious cup of coffee. An enchanting dream.

Look of it! Do not miss the seeds of your creations.

The Love Spell Poem …

From the Experimental Short Film by Sylvia Love Johnson. “She Moon, Love Spell”.