What is the #1 Ingredient for Success?

It’s Easier than you think.

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“Gratitude is the first step; is what leads you to the feeling of unconditional love, is your doorway to freedom, absolute happiness, and well being” — The Theory of Dr Luke Gospeltell aka The Love Theory

Think of something or someone you are grateful for. Do this with me. Close your eyes and think of that one thing or person, or pet you feel thankful about.

Now imagine that thing or person or pet disappears. It suddenly doesn’t exist in your life.

How does that make you feel? Imagine and think about every aspect of your life that is affected by the fact that this thing or person or pet is missing.

Now go back to the thoughts of thoroughly having it or them in your life. Feel that mixture of excitement, love and joy; the bliss of gratitude it produces in you. Stay there for a little while. Be merely enjoying the fact that you have it/them. Feel the enjoyment with intensity.

While doing this, you are sending powerful signals to the enigmatic field of source creation that understands your commands and it exists to obey and deliver without judgement. The Universe understands that you are asking for more stuff that will make you feel those feelings of joy that you are focusing on right now.

Practice nurturing strong feelings of gratitude every day. Gratitude is the #1 ingredient to happiness and success; this is no secret.

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