I Am – No need to Justify my Desire to Be


Your existence belongs to you.

You live being you as it pleases you.

We are conditioned into thinking that we are here to please to be pleasing to please someone else. To obey, to do as you are told, be an example of society by the standards someone else has defined. “To behave” to get approval from others. We have brainwashed into the notion that the approval of ‘others’ (who knows who) is a must before our dreams can manifest. Who are those others? Perhaps people watching? Who stands around watching to see if another people’s dream come true?
Or maybe those people stand around expecting your obedience? But who?

You are here to please you to be the centre of the Universe, your Universe. You are here to arrange every detail of your happiness. Consciously, masterfully. You are here to treasure every step in the path of your masterpiece. You are a creator; you came to create your life exactly as you want it. Not just to settle with whatever you can grab. You can grab it all, if you so please, and believe, and feel.
Make it a masterpiece.

When you focus on yourself, your needs, desires, dreams, hopes, love, path, destiny, mission, motivation, and inspiration, then the world is on track.

Then we can all rest assured happily. Because there’s only one person who could do that job, and they are finally at it. We are One, yet each unique expression is a unique creator requiring unique attention to conscious creation.

The happier and more fulfilled you are, the happier and more fulfilled we are all. We are One. To get there right now, start here:

I AM. All is Well.

Now breathe and listening to your inner self. Your inner self guides you.