What is Non-Resistant Thought for Manifesting?

It is when you have no fear, no doubt thinking about your dreams and desires. You feel joy and love when you are dreaming of it all.

You know you are deserving and worthy of everything you want. 

You know there is no need to justify your desires, hopes and dreams. You breathed life into all that you want with your thoughts and feelings. Therefore, your desires are your creations; you formed them in the place where miracles happen, where source energy meets desire and emotions fuels life by design, and you know fulfilment on its way to you. Non-resistance thought is the delightful certainty; it spurs on delicious joy. That’s none resistant thought. It paths the way for your dreams to manifest.

Delicious non-resistant thought allows your dreams and desires into your life. 

Think and feel your desires with delightful joy, for that is the fastest way to manifest.