This Method Shows you How to Manifest Fast

Join me in this Journaling for Manifesting 30-day Challenge

If you have been following me, you will know that I’m obsessed with finding, creating and sharing as many ways to manifest your dreams fast as possible.

You might be aware of my journaling for manifesting methods. Journaling for Manifesting
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Or my tips on manifesting during meditation The #1 Habit that will Change your Life.

Well, I have put together a new method which is a combination of all three: Journaling going into a deep meditative state and arising with a pure sense of belief and full of faith. Follow these steps:

Journaling about My New Life as my Future Self

I take myself to the time and place I want to be and I write it down and describing every second of it for a few minutes: What I see, how I feel, what I hear, what I smell, precisely what I’m doing, and what I will do next. Who is with me and what they are saying. I find myself diving into it. My imagination relishes. I submerge deeply in the dream, and it’s real for the few minutes that it lasts. I’m my future self journaling about my life, and I feel every bit of it. 

The feeling is the seed and the evidence of manifestation.

The 30 days and beyond Experiment

Why 30 days? Because you are giving your subconscious mind 30 days of focusing and concentrating on a topic of your choice. Your subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between what is real in your present life and what you imagine is real in your life. As far as your brain is concerned, whatever you believe in is real. While you are writing, you are directly aligned with the energy of your desires, and you are emanating matching vibrations. Those vibrations are a clear path in the direction of the fulfilment of your every dream.

Meditation State of Bliss

It is a fantastic feeling when you are engrossed, deeply engaged with your writing, you are loving it to the point of living it, experiencing it — feeling it — vibrating it. Moments like this are profound ways of blissful meditation and the fastest way to manifest. This is much faster than hard work and effort.

My Examples

I feel very vulnerable about sharing this. Letting you into some of my most intimate dreams. There is nothing extraordinary about them. But it’s letting you into my innermost thoughts and desires. I do feel it’s necessary though, so to demonstrate what I mean.

Jan 4

I am in my beautiful mansion right now. It’s incredible; I feel how it hugs me how it was always waiting for me.

My amazing purple bathroom. I can’t wait to back there. I love my bathroom with every purple and cream detail and beautiful pieces of artistic bathroom detail you can imagine in a bathroom. Flowers, essentials oils aroma, art, soft purple towels soft loo paper, soft sponges. Jacuzzi bath tup, my sauna oh! Amazing! Ten steps away from my bedroom.

By bedrooms is purple and cream with stunning expensive conformable furniture. Beautiful, inspiring art on the walls. A balcony in my room with views to my zen garden and my fields and horses and sports courts.

The aroma that ascends from the garden is different each day. Depending on the weather, the blooming flowers, the growing herbs, the season of the year. My mood, my perception. How well I slept or what I dreamt.

Jan 5

I am in my zen garden beautiful flowers all blooming I can hear the water flow in the fountain. It’s a winter day, but I’m wrapped up on my favourite most comfortable winter clothing and sitting in the protective glass dome on my super comfy sofa outside. There is a frog in the pond.

I feel I can almost see the flowers slowly opening in front of me.

I look ahead, a pathway deep into my acres and acres of land. It’s so appealing I start to walk. I always observe the path. It’s my land. I want to know every inch of it. For that reason, the looks different every time I pass. I always notice new things, and I appreciate this beautiful nature, it belongs to me. I feel it ever did.

It was created solely for my benefit and enjoyment. For me to see and love. I’m so grateful. Thank you so much, my dear Universe.

Jan 6

I am excited about spending part of the day writing my book. Is going amazingly and has so many fans already before it’s even finished.

I write in my luxury studio in the comfort of my home. Black ebony floor and black ebony desk and bookshelf. Red velvet sofa set. Coffee table — a well-stocked drink bar.

A second desk for my assistant she is working on all my social media channels today. I’m wearing LaGuai Clothing, and I notice she is taking pics of me.

I have just finished a chapter. I lived every moment. It made me feel all sorts of feelings. At some point, I had a moment of totally understanding the world and all people in it through my character. Writing brings me so much joy and satisfaction; it’s hard to explain.

I look out the balcony from my seat. Sun rays are popping in. I can see the light shaping taking the form of an angel. I am so blessed.

All this pours out of me, instantaneously without conscious thought. I always start thinking of that material setting of what I desire, but once I’m there genuinely enjoying it, something deeper takes over showing me what it is I “really” want.

Imagination is the Power of Creation Everything that exists was first created in one’s mind. Whatever you can imagine you can create.

Your Brain’s New Circuits

With the repetition of good thoughts, feelings and emotion regarding your desires, new brain circuits are formed and limiting beliefs dissolved, making you a magnet in manifesting your desires.

Acting as if

You have heard that you need to “act as if” you have already got what you want. The Bible says “Believe you already have it and it will be yours” This is what Acting as if… is all about, creating a deep sense of belief. When you do this exercise you go beyond believing or acting as if. You are not acting; you are “being” a future you journaling about your life during those minutes.

If you are a writer, you understand this because you know what it is to be fully committed and deeply involved with what you are writing. You know you are writing “truth”. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, you are creating truth at the level of your soul (Correct me if I’m wrong. This is not just me, right?)

With this exercise, you end your writing session with this quality of truth, that goes beyond belief. You carry this quality along with you throughout the day. Your vibrations are elevated, and you are aligned with your dreams.

Raising and Matching your Vibrations

Vibrational alignment is critical in manifesting. Feelings are vibrations. Vibrations are energy when your energy matches the energy of what you want, what you want will come to you. Whatever you focus on with belief and emotion for a prolonged time will come to you.

When in doubt, ask your subconscious: “how should I be feeling to be a match to my desires”, in other words, how would it feel to have all that you desire right now. Your subconscious will answer immediately giving you those feelings. Those feelings are the seed of manifesting.

Journaling for Manifesting

I believe journaling is one of the fastest ways to reach and engage your higher-self who is in charge of your subconscious mind. Once your subconscious mind believes that what you desire is already yours your job is done. Live your life, take inspired action when guided to it, and watch your creations effortlessly float to you.

My Tips for the Exercise

Start by visualising a scene in your future life for a few seconds.

Stick to one theme only for 30 days. For Instance:


  1. Finally living in your dream home and all that it means to you.
  2. Finally having the perfect fit, healthy, beautiful body you want and all that it means to you.
  3. Finally spending the rest of your life with your soulmate and all that it means to you
  4. Finally travelling around the world for as long as you want without limitations.
  5. Finally, having built your entrepreneurial empire and looking proudly upon your creation.

And so on.

Trust your Feelings

Let your pen take were it wants to go. Let your feelings guide you. Engage your emotions and lose yourself in the dream while writing.

Don’t Judge

Don’t judge or criticise yourself. Understand that this is the process of training your subconscious mind so that you can become a Master at Manifesting. You are using a very well and scientifically documented method to dissolve limiting beliefs.

Do not limit your future self with Limited Beliefs

Of course, this should go without saying, but I will say it anyway. Do not limit yourself. Dream big.

Are you joining me?

Respond to let me know. Or if you have already joined, How is it going? Let me know. I can’t wait to hear your results and share mine you.

But so far I’ve manifested a newly found and permanent good feeling “Now” about my future.

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The Love Spell Poem …

From the Experimental Short Film by Sylvia Love Johnson. “She Moon, Love Spell”.