Let the Children Be

To the School Governors

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This comes after I received up to 8 emails/sims notifications per each of my children informing me of Date/Time slots for my children to be mass tested. These time/date slots had my children’s names on them. They were not generic year group emails. My children were summoned to get mass tested even though:

  • 1. I have not signed the consent form at all.
  • 2. I have put it in writing in an email stating that I do not consent to these tests.

This breach is causing me great stress and severely affecting my well-being.

Furthermore, it’s been brought to my attention by multiple parents and their children that they have all been misled by the headteacher into believing that tests and masks are compulsory.

They are “forcing” their children because they assume they have no choice. This must stop. The headteacher must give clear information to parents and carers. And obtain “informed consent”; otherwise, she is unlawfully enforcing masks, and she will be held personally liable for any damage/injuries.

I know my rights. The main thing about my rights is that no one can take them away from me without my consent. Furthermore, after being the Welfare and Safeguarding school Governor, I know children’s rights and child protection policies very well.

Children’s rights are being abused across the UK and the rest of the world. Whatever the excuse to violate children is always, in every instance, unacceptable.

“I witnessed a child being aggressively shouted out for not wearing a mask.

The adult proceeded by telling the child that he was responsible for his grand-parents deaths. The adult continued by asking the child if he was planning on killing his parents next.”

This is criminal. However, the worse is the following:

Many schools are potentially committing fraud by passing statutory guidance that requires the people’s consent as if it law. I have evidence attached to this letter that the headteacher is forcing children into compliance with wearing masks and mass testing without parental consent, without “informed consent”. Without informing parents, that consent is required for both recommendations in all instances. She needs parental consent for every single test she enforces. These tests or masks wearing are not compulsory by law, as they are not law.

The act of restricting our children’s breathing and sticking hard objects full of “toxic” components up our children’s noses repeatedly is “voluntarily”, not “mandatory” both are statutory guidance that requires consent.

We will see that the headteacher answers these concerns in court unless she stops misleading parents like she tried to mislead me, instructing her business manager to send the emails summoning my children by name with dates and times.

Concealing or denying parents and carers the rights to informed consent is a severe civil and possibly criminal offence; it violates human rights. The most aggravating fact is that the headteacher’s measures pushed on other people’s children highly risk these children’s health.

Mask are dangerous and criminal on children. There has been no risk assessment done on potential harm. Enforcing them is unlawful.

For children, masks are an absolute no. Children and adolescents have an extraordinarily active and adaptive immune system. Their brain is also very active and has so much to learn. The teen brain is thirsting for oxygen. Every organ is metabolically active; to deprive a child’s brain of oxygen or restrict it is criminal. The damage that can occur cannot be reversed.

Conscious and purposefully induced oxygen deficiency is a deliberate health hazard and an absolute medical contraindication.

The use of these self-suffocating devices produces fatigue, lack of concentration, unwellness, headaches, low energy, suffocation, constant panic and anxiety, and tiredness that can be compared to walking uphill all day long.

Why would a headteacher want the children in her school in these conditions? Why is she dictating this? Most importantly, who does she think she is to force harm upon our children?

The nasal swab she is so forcefully and enthusiastically pushing on our children contains highly toxic components. People have rashes, ulcers, and are experiencing bleeding noses, often after having this test done only once.

Stop this torture on our children!

The headteacher forces parents to torture their children by concealing their right to choose and the required informed consent. This is potentially fraud.

She hasn’t researched the dangers nor informed the trusting parents of the full implications of what she is doing to other people’s children. This is child abuse. Let the children be.

I, with this, forbid that the headteacher pushes my children into oxygen deprivation, self-suffocation and self-harm. The damage caused by lack of oxygen in a brain that is still developing is irreversible.

Our children’s respiratory system is designed to breathe freely at 100% intake capacity through the nose and when needed through the mouth. This is common sense. But there is plenty of backing evidence linked to this text. As it seems, this headteacher doesn’t know what common sense is. I suggest she looks it up on a dictionary; if the school is still a place of learning and not “a test centre”, she will indeed have access to a dictionary.

What is criminal is that the headteacher is purposely concealing from parents that they have the right to choose. I have spoken to many children and mums at the school; all these parents believe that masks and tests are compulsory/mandatory by law at schools. They feel forced.

The government has not forced anyone; it would be illegal to make self-harm compulsory. But this headteacher is potentially causing self-harm upon our children. This will be presented and proven in court as it seems she has failed to get “informed consent” before enforcing hazardous methods.

Each child-tested without explicit parental consent for each test performed or self-performed under the headteacher’s instructions potentially accounts for fraud. Each child wearing a mask at school whose parents do not know this is not mandatory or law is also a potential fraud count.

This is a severe violation of human rights. The headteacher is taking advantage of the trust deposited on her to mislead parents into compliance. By doing this, she actively denies these parents of their civil liberties and their human rights. This is potentially a severe lack of integrity and will be heard of in court.

Fraudulent, tyrannical authoritarians who dictate statutory guidance as if it was law must not be determining the fate of over a thousand families.

Headteachers who conceal the people’s rights must be immediately removed. We, the people, have our say. This government runs by contract law. Both parties, the people, and those who serve us must agree, and both parties need to set their conditions at all times. A dictatorship in a public institution is unacceptable.

The headteacher has to request consent every time she wants children to stick toxic alien objects up their noses. This also applies when “forcing them” to do it themselves. She must not instruct this without explicit and irrefutably clear parental informed consent. I do not stand under any authority which could harm my children with unreasonable mandates.

I do not consent. I decline this statutory guidance. Common-Law vs Contract Law. This makes the headteacher legally not authorised to inflict harm on my children by forcing them to wear toxic self-suffocating devices and sticking harmful alien hard objects inside my children’s bodies.

Have you even began to think what you are doing to teens! Teenage years is all IDENTITY. Each individuals unique identity. How dare you steal that from them!

Stop this insanity

The self- suffocating devices deprive children of sufficient oxygen. They are drastically lowering oxygen levels in the blood and the brain. The most used ones contain crystal particles that can produce bacterial pneumonia when breathed into the lungs. They contain nano plastic particles that can produce lung cancer.

The headteacher aggressively lobbies, promotes and enforces the toxic nasal swab without parental consent ( this is my own first-hand experience prove attached eight emails with my children names on them) by bullying parents into compliance.

My children received dates/time slot when I had not consented. They then received more testing time/date slots even after I specifically wrote a response email stating that “I do not consent”.

I’m utterly insulted by this breach. The headteacher is doing this to all of us parents and carers. Many of them are confused about why she was initially asking for consent, and now she is making it look as if they have no choice. Many now believe that they have no choice.

This is torture and child abuse. The headteacher demands that this torture be inflicted on our children twice weekly by ourselves; not only that, but she also has the insolent nerve to state that parents are “expected” to inflict this torture on their children coercing parents and children into compliance with statutory guidance.

She has no authority to demand, and it is not her place to “expect” this of anyone. She is potentially passing voluntarily statutory guidance that requires consent as Law: Fraud.

Since when it’s ok to torture children?

It’s taken less than one year to dehumanise these “self-proclaimed” enforcers and put our children at the end of the stick of this insane money-driven scam. All those cashing in money in exchange for torturing our children will have to answer in court.

The 21st Century Nuremberg Trials are underway. Anyone who has sought out “real news” and “real information” knows this.

Factual information doesn’t come out of the stupid square box sitting in your living room; that is a device for manipulation and control. The proof of this is that most people under its influence are afraid to the point of stupidity, full of irrational fear, and have long ago stopped thinking for themselves. Their capacity to use their brain has been crippled by the ongoing fear-based brainwashing of mainstream media programming.

If the government “recommended” (aka statutory guidance requiring consent) that children learn their lessons while doing a headstand with their eyes closed, this headteacher would be dictating that too.

Everyone who has been sitting in front of their tell-lie-visions has had their common sense stripped out over the past 20-50 years, and their critical thinking has been cancelled.

What if the government “recommended” that you isolate your children as young as four-years-old leaving them alone, unattended, with no parent contact in a room in their home for 14 days? Some government in another country “recommended” this already, and they had to retract their evil stupidity fast because the people rose against it.

How far into insanity will this headteacher “expect” us to go?

Who does the headteacher think she is to dictate oxygen deprivation on our children? All this “situation” the world faces is about the children more than we know. You would know this if you have been listening to “real news’:

Breathing restrictions and oxygen deprivation is Child Abuse! How can anyone be so arrogant and evil as to think they have a right to enforce the rationing of a child’s oxygen intake? This is deplorable.

No amount of global crisis justifies the torture and abuse inflicted on our children with self-suffocating devices and sticks up their noses repeatedly. We have had enough children injured and traumatised for life.


This headteacher will Stop! She and the LA are POTENTIALLY violating the law by passing statutory guidance, which requires consent as if it was mandatory law. My family will not be riding on this insanity.

No Institution can force a human being to do what this human being deems insane.

They claim that it is for safety. Well, they have to prove that. I will believe nothing without proof. Luckily, I have not been lobotomised by the stupid talking box sitting in my living room because I have not used it at all since I was 16. Not I or my children are drowned to tell-lie-visions at all. We still ask questions. We still use our common sense and we still employ critical thinking.

My 15-year-old said: When a society stops asking questions, a society has big problems. You have no excuse. If a 15-year-old can see this, you should too.

The government has a long list of evidence and proof for their claims yet to be produced. We are waiting. I will believe nothing unless I see proof. In the same way we should not have believed it when in March 2020 we were told that these measures were for two weeks to ‘flatten the curve’. Lies. We are told that this is for each others safety. This is a classic example of how to exploit humanity, how to exploit our love for each other and our unwavering desire to do as much as we can for others. Our good hearts are being uncannily exploited to the core of our beings and we are falling for it.

Let our children be!

Before I sent this letter, the headteacher could argue that she wasn’t aware of what she was doing. From this point on, after this letter has been sent, she can no longer claim that she is unaware of how she is potentially breaking the law.

If she continues, she will be purposely and with full knowledge, potentially perpetrating crimes against humanity. We, the people, the parents can potentially take the headteacher to court for Child Abuse, violating human rights and fraud.

This is not an empty threat. It is a calculated, researched, prepared and well-documented warning with a planned course of action due to our strong concerns. We are not taking an institution to court, e.g. the council, the school, the government. All these breaches are down to personal liability in court, like all those presently facing the Nuremberg tribunal.

Our children are healthy, and we know it. Parents have always known if their kids are healthy or not. Nothing has changed that fact, even though common sense has gone out the window for most people who are under the spell of tell-lie-vision.

To think or to make one believe that one is ill with the respiratory disease when one has no respiratory disease symptoms is, in my opinion, beyond ignorant stupidity, bordering insane superstition. I have the right to oppose this view—my right to freedom of thought. I will not believe that without irrefutable proof, which I don’t think exists.

The government will not dictate how I should think, in case anyone was wondering why my thinking is different from that of the “narrative”. A study done with ten million people proves that there is no evidence of asymptomatic transmission.

Our children are healthy now, but they might not be so for long, while the headteacher continues forcing them to wear self-harming, self-suffocating devices and to stick toxic alien objects up their noses every week. Common sense! Nothing else. Not rocket science. These measures enforced in schools will make our children physically and mentally ill.

Lack of oxygen to the brain causes severe stress and panic in all children and adults. This is the automatic reaction of the brain when the lack of sufficient oxygen is inflicted by suffocation. Wearing self-suffocating devices drops oxygen blood levels to dangerous grounds, hazardous for our children’s health.

Only after 5 seconds of self-suffocating device wearing, oxygen levels in the blood drop dangerously. Children do not have to wear this. It causes extreme fear and anxiety, and severe stress directly in the brain.

This deprivation of oxygen this headteacher wants to inflict on our children is unacceptable. The brain needs 100% of oxygen intake, especially when still developing.

The brain needs a continuous and sufficient supply of oxygen. Failing this, irreversible damage can occur and manifest in different serious pathologies.

I refuse, reject, and do not comply with the nonsensical bordering absurdity enforcement that damage our children’s health. My children are perfectly healthy, and they have perfectly well functioning God designed God-given immune systems.

I do not consent or comply with this insanity. No Man or Woman in Office is going to change that fact.

No institution is in charge of making our health decisions for us. We are not owned by or slaves of any institution, private or governmental. We are free sovereign beings. The headteacher will not dictate how much air can our children breathe daily. She will NOT.

My children will breathe in 100% of oxygen at all times of their life during their entire life. Full stop. This is non-negotiable. No headteacher bully is going to change that. I hope that’s clear.

A class lawsuit presented by 1000 lawyers across the world is in progress, and there will be many more. This headteacher needs to decide how severe her case as a potential defendant for child abuse, fraud and crimes against humanity might be.

We are healthy until proven ill by a physician; this is the law. The state cannot declare us sick. The state has not got the right to claim our children or us to be “infectious”. It’s insane the way this headteacher wants to treat healthy children as if they were infectious. My children will not be treated in that way.

I do not consent or allow her to run my children’s health down severely by seriously jeopardising their immune system with unnatural and unnecessary measures and regimes that have 0 evidence of benefits yet overwhelmingly evidence of harm.

Children will suffer further trauma from being bullied and pressured into compliance; this is discrimination and goes against children welfare and safeguarding policies and child protection.

No Institution can force me to harm my children in ways of oxygen deprivation or any other way.

Let the children be!

Stop inflicting pain and horror on them by forcing them into an unnatural and dehumanising environment. The robbing of their childhood. The robbing of their joy. Our children are at the end of the stick, suffering terrible trauma from this insufferable, political insanity.

Hugging elevates the immune system. By forcing children to adopt an “unnatural” lifestyle, the headteacher seriously compromises their perfectly functioning immune system. Hugging lessens the risk of serious illnesses.

The headteacher intends to create an environment where children cannot speak and be heard; they cannot breathe with normality; they cannot socialise with freedom. They cannot smile at their classmates, and they cannot see a smile.

Smiles have been erased from schools. It doesn’t take a doctorate in psychology to know that this approach is wrong and harmful for our young. Every minute counts; every breath a child takes is ESSENTIAL. Our children’s joy is essential every second of every day.

How can we foster happy children when smiles have been erased from schools and adults want to inflict oxygen deprivation and other forms of child abuse on our children? This is monstrous!

Children need to see the adults’ faces around them to continue to learn to read and interpret emotions and feel safe. Their faces are covered as if they were criminals concealing their identity and their intentions; this creates and perpetuates fear and anxiety. This is wrong. Children can’t communicate fully with their face covered.

Children need to be able to communicate freely and breathe.

Children need regular and authentic contact with other children. They need to breathe 100% all day long; this is general basic knowledge. The cessation of breath ends life. We learn this at primary school. It’s time to wake up and stop acting dumb and be done with bullies and child abusers.

I do not consent.

The “famous bug” was long ago (March 2020) declared “nothing more than the common cold” by the organisation that started all this. It’s on their website. The nasal sticks were long ago and recently declared “unreliable” with up to 90% false positives; this has been widely published everywhere. “As plaintiffs’ experts stated in their lawsuit, testing does not diagnose infection; testing generates many false-positive results, leading to disruptive and expensive isolation and quarantine.

I’m shocked at the severe level of irrationality that is being demonstrated by those who are here to serve us. Instead, they’ve become a tyrannical force with the habit of illegally dictating absurdity.

A school must be a human-child-friendly space.

That includes a place where all children are allowed to breathe freely and with normality at all times. The ability of all children to talk and be heard without impediment at all times. The ability to freely socialise with other children. Human beings and especially children, are social beings.

No individual or institution has the right to dehumanise our children.

Lack of oxygen to the brain produces severe fear and anxiety, which comes in handy for the mainstream media fear-based-brainwashing- programming-propaganda-agenda.

There is no better and easier way to control people than when people are afraid.

This headteacher is not going ration my children’s breathing rights. That’s ridiculous! These authoritarian, aggressive and dangerous fear-based methods do not reflect the free society we inhabit, nor does it demonstrate respect for the civil liberties and body autonomy we are all entitled to as human beings.

“The narrative” has been consistent with the following: “children are not at risk”.

However, children will be highly at risk of all the illnesses resulting from self-inflicted oxygen deprivation due to wearing self-suffocating devices, and the toxic sticks up noses repeatedly every week.

Furthermore, the headteacher has raised serious concerns with her recent activities; she needs to answer to the parents she serves. We, the people, employ the government, not the other way around. She is giving us the impression that she is using our children to “gain merits” with the state.

The headteacher needs to answer the following questions before we can reconsider our concerns:

  • 1. Why did the headteacher send an extremely out of tone, militarily sounding email practically forcing parents to give consent for mass testing of perfectly healthy children during a lockdown? Her manner is insulting and bullying.

Did the headteacher do some research about these nasal sticks before “practically” forcing parents (by bullying them into consent) to perform a dangerous, intrusive, unnecessary and unreliable test on their children as volunteers in what she calls the “the test Center?”

There is no need to mention that the school’s business manager directly sent these emails. Is there money involved in this hysteria?

Total transparency is due:

  • Was the headteacher getting compensated per each child tested?
  • Does “anything go” when it comes to making money out of our children?
  • Why did she, by mid-January, stopped including the information making parents aware that consent needed? She continued pushing the tests. But she stopped letting parents know that they are not Mandatory. How is this acceptable? How stupid are we, parents, thought to be?
  • Why did she switch from asking for consent at first during January 2021 to start giving all children names time/date slots for the tests even when parents had not consented?
  • We would like to know the exact amounts of monies she is receiving for conducting these activities on our children.

Everyone who is flying on this insanity because of the “money involved will have to answer in court and will be personally held accountable.

We, the parents, demand clear disclosure and total transparency regarding this.

  • 2. Why did the headteacher send a “Careers “newsletter sponsored/created/promoted by a COMPANY and stating that this was the new school careers newsletter?

This company is a multinational private corporation that has recently acquired a contract with the US National Security Intelligence Agency. One of their cloud surveillance functions is to track and trace every one joining the current experimental clinical trial. Everyone getting the injections is joining a clinical trial; even if they don’t know it, the experiment will not conclude until 2023; thus, everyone taking the shot will be monitored for at least two years.

The newsletter “Careers” sent to my email from the school urges me to get my children signed up for a propaganda program called “career pilot”.

[Heads of the Years 10 and 12 Please Note: My Year 10 and 12 children will not be taking part in anything to do with this company not even for the year 10 work experience programme. Absolutely not. I forbid it]

The school sent the “Careers” newsletter to my private email, which I gave to the school to receive information regarding my children and not receive propaganda from a multinational that is cashing big bucks as a direct consequence of the current scam. This “careers” newsletter links to their propaganda filled recruitment site! Where you find multiple “Apply Now” buttons that lead to the “company’s” recruitment site job posts, where I saw at the time over 6000 “cloud monitoring based “jobs in the USA and India advertised.

What is this to do with our UK school children? Why is a public school giving a private billionaire multinational’s recruitment site direct access to my children without my consent or request and using my email for this purpose?

The recruitment Industry is a millionaire Industry. I’m sure the “company” is happy to have landed the contract to build and run the infrastructure to monitor people who have been injected.

  • But why should my children in the UK be indoctrinated with their propaganda? Why should they have access to my children?
  • The recruitment industry is a millionaire industry. That a public school should provide a private multinational with thousands of young, highly impressionable, potential recruits who are children is atrocious, and indeed this was not an act of charity on the school side. Or was it?
  • Let’s follow the money, shall we?
  • Was the headteacher compensated when she gave parents emails away to the company without our consent, in the disguise of a “school” newsletter urging our children to sign up to their system, which ultimately leads to cloud monitoring jobs for a US National Security Agency?

I do not consent for my details: Name, address, email, telephone number to be shared with any other institutions without my giving prior permission.

Any threats or harassment, after the exercising of my freedom of speech and freedom of thought with this email, by any institution will be made public, including the names of the harassing institutions or individuals for a general critical assessment from the people. With this, I mean that you are forbidden to share my details, as privacy laws indicate, whether it is to retaliate against me with threats and harassment or to “sell” access to my children disguised as a “careers” initiative.

Any harassment and threats against my family or me after this communication on this private email, in which I have purposely omitted my name and my children’s name, will be viewed as evidence of a breach of privacy laws. And will be added to the court case we are preparing to hold the headteacher personally responsible for potential child abuse if she insists on forcing children into self-harm, oxygen deprivation by self-suffocating devices. She has not informed parents and carers that masks are 100% voluntarily.

My children will not be bullied into compliance on schools grounds. They will not be harassed, intimidated, discriminated against or in any other way ill-treated as this would breach multiple child protection laws and shall be heard of in a court of Justice.

The headteacher will make it 100% clear to parents and Carers that masks and tests are “voluntary, statutory guidance requiring consent”. She will stop acting as if she had the authority to force our children into compliance. She will stop mass testing children without parental consent. She will request consent every-time she wishes to perform tests on children. She will stop concealing from parents and carers their right to choose and to provide informed consent. She will stop violating parents, carers and children rights to their body autonomy. She will stop potentially abusing children by forcing them to wear masks. She will respect parents who do not consent to deprive their children of oxygen. She will not discriminate, coerce or abuse children who reject face coverings or tests.

To recap:

I say no. I do not comply. I do not consent. I refuse. I reject the tyranny that is infecting our lives of late.

I reserve my right to freedom of thought and civil liberties. Anyone who tries to further violate my or my children’s human rights, including but not exclusive to their right to breath the 100% of oxygen they are capable of intaking, every day, every minute and every second of their lives, will see us, the parents, in the 21st Century Nuremberg Trials.

No one is authorised to suppress or violate anothers’ human rights, not even with “Henry VII emergency powers”. Yes, Henry VIII emergency powers, that’s how they are calling their alleged authority to “recommend” us to nullify our children by covering their faces.

They couldn’t make bigger fools of us, could they?

I demand that school returns to being a human-friendly environment for children to continue to develop happily and confidently and not full of fear and lacking in oxygen, losing the vital time of their childhood to adult insanity and being traumatised for life. I shall not pay one more cent of any sort of tax until my children have access to a human-children-friendly environment in education as it is their right, and one of the reasons why we support the government by paying taxes. The Government works for the people, not the other way around.

Mother of Two