Give yourself a Chance for Success

My Step by Step Guide to Manifesting

I consider myself a woman full of faith. I have always believed in me and in all my dreams. But faith alone is not enough. No if you are stuck with fear.

When I learnt about the Law of Attraction it hit me: For as long as I held on to my fear that’s all there was going to be. That’s all I was going to see, that’s all I was going to do.

There was the illusion of trying to find fulfilment. But it was just an illusion. A lie that kept me busy on a hamster wheel. As long as I paid attention to fear I didn’t move forward.

One must become adept at forgetting fear, ignoring it. Pretend is not there. Remove and replace that gut feeling of fear. Replace it with any other good feeling. Joy, love, hope. Feelings are vibrations and they act like magnets.

It took me a bit of time to realise how attached I was to my fear. How defeated and weak I felt most of the time. There was I with my big dreams, my amazing faith, my talent, my ideas, endlessly working towards achieving, unaware of the fact that fear was a thick chain holding me back no matter how hard I tried.

As an avid student of the LOA I learnt to observe my fear and I saw how it affected every decision I made every step I took. It was an ugly sight.

My feelings have changed. I have adopted a new approach.

I practice consciously not feeling fear. Sit feeling my body. Feeling my feelings and scan for any unwanted feeling if I find it I replace it. I then treasure and enjoy all the good feelings and I create more of these.

Instead, I rest, I flow, I let go and I focus on what I love.

The main part of Manifesting all your dreams is knowing that you already have it all waiting for you. Go with the flow, the flow will take you there, when you align with your desires. Align by pouring your thoughts and feelings on your dreams as often as possible with joy and expectation.

Let go of negative thoughts feelings and fear. Make room for the silent contemplation of all you love.

And don’t be alarmed with the initial uneasiness in your new-found bliss. Sometimes transformation implies becoming someone else: The key to transformation lies in the capability to become someone else. A different you. A better, happier version of you.

“A grateful mind is a great mind which will eventually attract to itself great things.” ~ Plato

The following is the step by step guide that shows my journey in the path of manifesting. In this adventure I’ve met with many masters who taught me their secrets front this I created my own formula.

This guide helps me remember what I have learnt and I continue to learn.

My journey is helping me deepen my understanding of how the natural laws of the universe work. I experience wonderful results daily.

Give yourself a Chance for Success. Resting, Flowing, Letting go and Focussing in what you love will make manifesting easy. Click To Tweet