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Guide to Manifesting in Meditation

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For me, it used to be prayer.

For years and years, I’ve had the habit of and a commitment to prayer. Every single day, I pray. My prayer habit has now developed: Meditation.

While before I was more talking and asking for things. Now is more about listening, feeling, focusing on how I feel within me and how I transform into who I want to be by being silent and looking at the transformation through images in my mind. Bringing myself into a state of flow, ease, trust, relaxation and surrender via Meditation.

Prayer is still something I do. I maintain an open and consistent dialogue with the Universe, but it feels different. It feels more real. It feels like I’m a part of the conversation. It feels like I’m there in the room, as an action taker, as a decision-maker, as a creator. I’m a part of the creation, and I am a co-creator.

Meditation doesn’t need to be a hard task but you need to make it a habit if you want to reap the benefits: A happier you, more tuned in with your life and more connected with universal consciousness.

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The first objective is to calm your thoughts, relax your brain and dive into silence.

You can meditate 17 seconds to 1 min by merely focusing on your breathing. Or for 3 to 5 minutes concentrating on a steady, soothing, quiet sound you hear in your environment.

Or 15 to 30 minutes reciting a transcendental mantra like “OM” listening to a guided meditation track.

Or you can make it a 1–3 hours, listening to your favourite meditation music and imagining how you turn into your most desired you and seeing your dreams and desires floating to your reality at the rhythm of a specific binaural beat frequency.

Here are a few frequencies I meditate with.

432 Hz Positive Energy — Healing-

528 Hz Repairs DNA and brings Positive Transformation — Healing — Regeneration

852 Hz Removes fear, overthinking and worry.

741 Hz Removes Toxins

639 Hz Pure Positive Love Energy

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Practising Meditation will help you be more tuned in with yourself and your environment. More intuitive, relaxed, trusting, feeling guided, happier, manifesting your desired destiny, receiving the help you need from the Universe, you will have a free and broader flow of ideas, ultimately more success, achieving fulfilment and peace of mind.

When you meditate you get moments of sheer clarity and acute bliss in which you realise that all is well, you are where you are meant to be, everything is possible, and you decide what happens next. The Universe always provides, and you are a channel for an unlimited source of creativity, power and love, and you are it.

You are the universe.

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When you get these moments of clarity you feel you feel you are the Universe, you don’t just know it intellectually, but you feel it deeply from an emotional level.

Meditation is Step 1 on my Step by Step guide to manifesting all my dreams.

Meditation is the key to the door of your subconscious mind. The door that leads to your direct channel to the Universe. The channel that links emotion, desire and love to create your path. The path you decide for your life in which you find every you love and believe in.

Meditation grants your connection with your higher self and the source of creation.

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Meditation enables you to be on the receiving mode, open and expecting the things you have asked for with faith.

It allows you to be on the creating mode channelling an everlasting flow of ideas and constant launching of desires that when pair up with emotion turn into your life’s reality.

Meditation enables you to be with yourself and access the higher intelligence within you. This higher intelligence is the power that creates worlds. It’s the power that knits a baby perfectly together in the womb. It’s the power that heals the body. It’s the power that regenerates the soul and spirit when you sleep.

Meditation makes you aware of the connection of your being with source energy. The source of all which you are a part of. You are connected to the cause by default and for all eternity. Separation from source is an illusion. In Meditation, you become present and conscious of this connection and the power that it commands.

Meditation keeps you present. The higher intelligence is current we need to be present with it. Everything happens in the present; you are creating your life right now with your thoughts and most importantly, with your emotions.

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For manifestation during Meditation, think good thoughts about your desire or your dream. Then pamper those good thoughts impregnating them with prolonged good emotions. Your good emotions create essential physical reactions in your body; new cells are born, toxins are removed, neurones move around, body chemicals flow. You fire and wire new circuits in your brain. New genes create new proteins to prepare the body for the new conditions desired.

The moment there is physical evidence the full manifestation of your desire is underway, it is done.

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You have created it. You have it in your reality. The future reality is still the reality.

When you see a baby boy or girl, do you find yourself doubting that they will one day be a man or a woman? You don’t. You know they will be a man or a woman.

You can feel just as particular about your dreams and desires when they are in baby mode — just been borne, just created.

At times we have to face the fear of timing.

This is how I do it.

Imagine I wanted to manifest something specific in 21 days, and my head tells me that it can’t be done even though I want it like, for example, making 10 million GBP in 21 days.

The fact is that there can be a lot of work involved in making that amount of money. Is it possible? Has someone done this before? My brain immediately tries to work out a way to do it and tries to find evidence that it can be done. I could win it or inherit it. But do I think it is difficult? Do I tend to think it’s impossible?

I’m using the word “think” very consciously because I don’t feel it’s impossible. I don’t believe it’s impossible. I know it is done.

When I remember how the UniverseUniverse works, then I know that it is done. It is created the moment focused on it for a prolonged time with emotion, and believe.

I approach the “timing fear.”

First by knowing that it is done

The Universe is wise,

I have done my part

I have created it

Now the Universe will do its part

Materialise it

How? When?

Not really my business really. I have done my part and part of that is believing, believing means I trust therefore I surrender.

What do I do next, though?

My, follow-up part is

To trust, it’s done

To Surrender to the wisdom of the Universe

To stay aligned with my desire by focusing on them and having my energy consistently match the energy of which I desire.

To continue to take inspired action guided by the Universe, by my higher self and my angels and spirit helpers.

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Meditation to Manifestation Tips

The Emotional Level

Your emotions send a message to your subconscious and your subconscious to the source of all creation telling source about what you are ready and expecting to receive. That would be whatever you focus on, and you believe in. When you feel good emotions about a desire, you are putting an order through to the Universe. Do not doubt is coming. You wouldn’t doubt if you ordered something from Amazon, would you?

Manifesting Currency

Desires and emotions are vibrations; vibration is energy; energy is currency; it attracts its equal. When your energy is a match to the energy of that which you desire, you are exchanging the correct money to have your desires manifested.

Channel Meditation for Manifestation

Train your brain to relax with the easy steps you find listed in this article: music, mantras, focusing on your breathing or subtle outside sound, guided meditation tracks.

Then think, feel and see all your dreams, one by one bit by bit or all at once if you fancy, see your dreams come true in Meditation.

Often, repeatedly, daily. Make it a habit.

This is how you create your life, by spending time in “dreamland” feeling and seeing things how you want them to be with focused attention and emotion.

If you have drastic changes to make like, you want to be a master at manifesting and manifest incredible abundance. Or finding your soulmate. Healing your heart from past hurt, recovering your body from chronic illness, healing your soul from lack of confidence or depression, then you have to understand that you need to be transformed.

You need to become a new person with a new personality. It doesn’t work to be the old person wearing a different costume. Being the same person, you are now will not allow you to attract a new life.

You change who you are ( your personality) by simply changing your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.

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Is not so much about changing your surroundings into what you want in your life.

It’s much more about changing yourself into a person who attracts those things you want into your life. Do you want abundance? Think, feel, act abundantly.

Aim for a New Personality

To become a new person with a new personality means nothing but to think differently about the things you want to manifest, and think differently in general, feel differently about something you want to manifest and act differently in regards to it. When you manage to never feel, think or act the same way as you did with something that wasn’t serving you, you have transformed into a new person.


The repetition of the thoughts and feelings you want to have in your present and future transforms you. Meditation means becoming familiar with something; once you are familiar with it once you are used to of it, you are done, you are it.

Transformation Practice

Decide that you are going to get up from your meditation session each day thinking differently and feeling differently about the topic at hand, in a way that serves you and empowers you. Thus you will act differently throughout the day. Your transformation powered by thought, emotion and action will bring about all that you desire. Make a habit of transforming your intention when you meditate.


For a quick start, why not choose an appealing guided meditation from YouTube. My favourite channel is Your Youniverse.

Clear your mind

The easiest way to let your mind clear of unwanted thoughts is by closing your eyes and focusing your attention on anything outside yourself to beginning relaxation quickly.

As I mentioned earlier, It could be a subtle noise any subtle noise, like the boiler, the cracking noises a house makes at times, your heat radiators. The sound of your air conditioning system.

Observe enveloped in silence

Learn to be an observer of your thoughts without experiencing them without judging. Look at them as if watching tv, especially detach from unwanted thoughts. Once you are just an observer, and you don’t experience those thoughts with your feelings, they can no longer affect you.

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Start Meditating every day for 1–15 mins or more if you fancy. It will change your life.