Are your Angels Unemployed?

Your Angels want to Speak with you

“I saw a thousand angels. They were overjoyed, and they applauded” — The Nameless

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I was delighted to come across Lorna Byrne’s book “Angels in my hair” an autobiography in which Lorna tells us the intrepid story of her childhood while revealing her most precious secret at the time: her communication with spiritual beings like Angels, souls and God.

I was awe-inspired when I understood that Angels are here for us. Every one of us has several angels and spirit guides purposely devoted to our wellbeing in all aspects of life. They are available to help us in all possible ways; from choosing the right dress to wear tonight, to sending messages to our loved ones on our behalf, to guiding us in the direction towards joy and fulfilment.

They are here to help.

What was even more extraordinary was to learn that for as long as I don’t use their help, ask for their assistance or seek their guidance, my angels are “unemployed.” Click To Tweet

Standing around while doing nothing and hoping that they could help if only so that they can fulfil their purpose. This reminded me of step 11 in my Step by Step Guide to Manifesting

Your celestial team is waiting to hear from you for your “life path best results.”

Lorna Byrne is a renowned spiritual teacher and international bestselling who has inspired millions of people around the world. She sees angels physically like you would see a person standing in front of you. Our angels are guiding us. Helping us remember our spiritual side. Showing us how to solve problems in our lives. Encouraging us to continue to be love and spread love in the world.

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