How to Attract Magic to your Life Today

Maintain a Treasured state of Bliss in your Heart

How to Attract Magic to your Life Today? Maintain a Treasured state of Bliss in your Heart Click To Tweet
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“Someday you’ll forget the things that make you cry, and you will learn to live only with all that brings joy, and like magic, everything that doesn’t make you happy will disappear” — Invisible Colours

This quote from my short story “Invisible Colours” inspires Magic in me every time I read it. Do you believe you can attract Magic into your life today? 
Excellent! That’s what I thought let’s get to it.

Magic comes from the source of creation, the Universe source energy and from your inner being. The part of you that is source energy is responsible for the Magic you create daily in your life. I envision this inner source energy as pure light and creative power. You are not only the creation you are also the creator.

The connection between your inner power and the energy that flows limitlessly from the Universe creates the Magic you desire to see in your life. As long as you are intentional with your desires and conscious of your creations you can bring all the Magic to your life you want. Ordinary people can create extraordinary experiences. Magic is naturally accessible to us all. It is our inbuilt ability from birth.

How to Create Magic in Your Life Today

Start with Meditation

Put on your favourite Meditation music, and take a picture that brings you joy or simply begin to think a happy thought. Such as good memories or have the image of your favourite person on your mind. Or your favourite song. Or you can think of the last time you laughed heartily and what was the reason then go back to that moment and laugh.

Maintain this treasured stated of bliss in your heart.

See the Light

Now, while still maintaining the state of joy see the Light of your inner being connected with the Light of universal source creation. Stay with that picture of Light and energy from within you and from the Universe filling your entire being and surrounding you and your joyful moment of bliss.

Don’t worry if you can’t visualise the magic you desire with precision. Having the knowledge that it is happening is sufficient. The thoughts and the feelings this knowledge brings is more than enough. Click To Tweet

Following say out loud or think of this affirmation:

I’m ready for Magic

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Take it as a Given

Simply know that Magic is now it’s on its way. Knowing that you are a co-creator with the source of all creation and that your part in it is the choosing the desiring, the definition of precisely what you want. In other words, you are the driver, the Universe is your GPS you need not worry about the way as long as you have a clear picture of the destination, sit back and enjoy the journey. Trust the timing and relax.


Now focus for a few seconds or minutes if you wish, on that which is to come, think of the Magic you have brought into your life today and how it makes you feel. Ask these questions:

. What is Magic for me today and how does it feel? 
. What do I need most right now?
. What will make me the happiest today?

Reply with your answers. See how the responses you give yourself make you feel, if the answers feel good, then stay with those feelings.

Use the Strong Emotion of Excitement

Note the answer that brings you the most excitement. Allow yourself to feel excited about it for as long as you please, still enveloped in the Magic Light of source creation. Click To Tweet

Use the Magic of Gratitude

Blend the excitement caused by your answer with the thoughts all you that you already have and love in your life and you feel deeply grateful for. You will notice the intensity of your emotions magnify when you tap into heartfelt gratitude.


Your emotion acts as the “Magic Words” that make the Magic happen. Maintain a treasured state of bliss in your heart. This state feels like the joy brought about by sincere heartfelt gratitude.

You can use this method as many times as you like per each desire or per each request for magic in your life. You only need a few minutes each time, however, do it for as long as you please.

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