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In search for the answers of some of the most important questions in life, two young boys 8 and 10 years old put into action their creative skills, they decide to make a film about fear and loneliness. Research, a spirit of adventure and pure child like reasoning results in a surprising turn of events. A hearty, emotionally uplifting comedy, with poetic elements of spiritual awakening.

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“When we are small children, just- arrived- in- the -planet people, we know things which we gradually forget as we grow up. This is why I chose to open Forgotten Paradise with images of my children when they were babies: There was absolutely no limit to the fun and the creativity they could experience, no boundaries for growth and development, there was absolutely nothing wrong in life, the adventure had just started and it was to be fully enjoyed. This is clear when you watch babies; there is the constant drive to discover and to learn. That is paradise, children’s paradise can often be polluted by adults, yet during the initial first years of life, chances are that kids will still remember and hold on to the fact that their potential is limitless, this is how we are born, this is how we are made. This is how we are supposed to stay. The main thing was to find beautiful picturesque spots to create striking frames where to place our story, we got some good ones but I was left feeling that I needed to spend much more time on this task, days, even months of taking photographs in locations with my cast, before filming. Finding the perfect image frame by frame. It is a crucial necessity of spend time and give as much thought as passion to image composition, finding immaculate frames that reveal the magic of light and color blended with mood and concept during the process of creation. Art is a mixture of hard work, intuition, luck and magic all driven by passion or love which are to many effects one and the same thing.”

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Davide Dallago was born in the Canary Islands in 2004. He is a great artists, he plays drums, he loves filmmaking and photography. He has many talents including singing and street dance. He loves sports and excels in basketball. He is passionate about Anime. He has learnt to create his own cool animations with different apps. His dream is to be an Scientist Engineer so he can build the ultimate Eco-Car, a car that will run purely on solar energy. He is clear about the fact that his purpose in this planet is to help others. He also wants to continue to work as an actor and filmmaker. He has produced impressive photography work. His art work pieces always get picked to be shown to the school Headmaster. He is a great student, his academic results are always ‘excellent’. He is loving and caring, a very sensitive 10 year old child. Forgotten Paradise is his third film. He has credits as Actor, writer and filmmaker for the award winner short film “Art’s Eyes” 2013 His previous work includes another short film “The Explorers” 2011.

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Gabriel is 8 years old he was born in the Canary Island in 2005. Gabriel is an intrinsic creative child, always finding new ways of producing new master pieces with any material he finds at home. He loves and excels at street dance and singing. He plays basketball and he is learning to play the piano.  He is always sharing his dreams and has decided he wants to be an actor and an inventor. He wants to became a Doctor in Science Engineering and invent a machine that cleans the air. He is very clear about the fact that his purpose is to help humanity. He often speaks of the plans he has for his future creations. He also wants to be a filmmaker and he already has several stories he wants to share with the world. He is a natural inventing characters and telling stories that both, make us laugh and warm our hearts. At school he always wins rewards for his caring nature and good behaviour. He is a brilliant student, his school results are always ‘excellent;  His first film credits includes “The Explorers” an adventure short film. He is one of the creators of “Art’s Eyes” 2013, winer of the a Award “Best Produced Kids Film” at the San Diego International Kids Film Festival 2013.

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