Barbara Kruger: Text Culture

“I shop therefore I am”  “Money can buy you Love”  “Your body is a battle ground”


Barbara Kruger, one of the most high profile artists of the 1980s with her provocative text based art investigates the power in popular culture the technological advances in communications, the excessive flow of information, and the realisation of how disastrous the consequences can be for the economy, our society and for the environment. Over the years Kruger’s art has served to forecasts as the result of globalised consumerism.

Her well known snappy phraseology can be interpreted as the antithesis of our present text culture.

In her solo exposition at the Modern Art Oxford Words the highly stylised and graphic work is abstract merely for its size. It covers floors, walls and ceiling. The setting actively engages the viewer by forcing them to move around and to constantly change their perspective. During the course of her career Barbara Kruger has attracted critical and popular attention around the world with her distinctive red and black slogans.

After graduating from Parsons The New School for Design in 1965, in her pursuit of a career in graphic design she spent several years at Conde Nast exploring their magazines while challenging the materialistic objectification of women, and the emptiness of the consumerist idyll that the publication glamorised. The essence of Kruger’s work lies in its criticism of our capitalist consumerist society. Kruger makes use of the city of Oxford identity as a place of academia and achievement. Exhibiting her art in the seat of global intellectual influence perhaps, grants her the opportunity to incubate ideas in the mind of an audience with the potential to make a difference in our world.

Modern Art Oxford 

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Barbara Kruger “ TEXTO-CULTURA”

Modern Art Oxford

“Compro, Luego Existo” Barbara Kruger

Artista destacada de los años 80, nacida en 1945. Su provocativo trabajo textual investiga el poder en la cultura popular de hoy en día; los avances tecnológicos en las comunicaciones, el flujo excesivo de información y lo desastrosas que pueden llegar a ser consecuencias para la economía, la sociedad y el medio ambiente.

Kruger, anuncia el resultado del consumismo globalizado propio hoy. Su fraseología puede interpretarse como la antítesis de nuestra ‘texto- cultura’: (SMS, twitter, etc.)