Sylvia Love Johnson


“The newborn was covered in blood, lying next to her mother. The woman had past away after giving birth the child, but she rose again. – They said that the crying of her baby snatched her from the clutches of death.”
Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream is the story of a super natural little girl  Selene, who leads the existance of four extraordinary children in a passionate journey into the discovery of self. The girls first meet during childhood, they relationship is bonded by magic. When  in their teens a tragedy hits them, while performing a  mysterious ritual, Selene falls into a deep coma that silences her for over a decade. The other girls are beheld as evil witches by the people in their village, they decide to take different life paths, trying not to look back, they leave. Yet their destiny sees them return to the tragic night, for unfinished business. They will travel to a world where dreams, fears, fantasy and illusion, create perfect reality. They will learn that from a place of darkness, they hold human destiny in their hands; Hekate will show them the way.
“Hekate, Mystic Dream”,  the Second Edition of  the Novel Selene Hekate. A Mystic Dream, Will be out in your nearest store, soon. 
She Moon,  Love Spell is the a Short Experimental film based in this Novel. This short is now doing the 2013-2014 festival Tour.
Also in the works  “Hekate, Sueño Mistico” The Full length Feature film for this title. (screenplay  to be filmed in Spanish) in pre-production.
Sylvia Johnson, prepares the production of two shorts film during 2013, “The Lover” and “Montana Mischief”